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Guests for ABC’s “Tamron Hall Show” Week Of May 1 2023

The “Tamron Hall Show” airs weekdays on ABC. From the deeply moving to the purely fun, “Tamron Hall Show” is a daily destination for all things topical and a platform for viewers to connect with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations. As a new mom, a newlywed, and a survivor who is proving you can accomplish anything at any age, Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable, unpredictable, and unstoppable voice to television.

  • Monday, May 1: Taking Chances, Facing Fears: Star of stage and screen CHITA RIVERA dances through life in her revealing and entertaining memoir, “Chita: A Memoir.” Then, director WAYNE CILENTO presents a special performance from the cast of the Broadway hit “Bob Fosse’s Dancin.” And award-winning director and producer SHANNON COHN on the making of her documentary “Below The Belt,” revealing the real fears and impact surrounding endometriosis, a condition that affects approximately 200 million around the world.
  • Tuesday, May 2: Always a Fan: Comedian ROY WOOD JR. visits, fresh off hosting the 2023 White House Correspondents’ dinner. Then, New York Times best-selling author RYAN HOLIDAY joins the Tam Fam to share tips from his new book, “The Daily Dad: 366 Meditations on Parenting, Love, and Raising Great Kids.” Tamron meets REHAN STATON, who shares his inspiring journey from starting as a Sanitation worker to graduating from Harvard and how he is now giving back. Plus, an all-new Shop Tam Fam!
  • Wednesday, May 3: Partners on and off the screen, JAZMYN SIMON & DULÉ HILL share their inspiration, as actors and parents, for their new children’s book, “Repeat After Me.” Plus, LAURIE BERKNER, aka “The Queen of Kids’ Music,” stops by to chat about her new tour and performs for the Tam Fam! And, National Spelling Bee champion ZALIA AVANT-GARDE is here to discuss what it’s like to become a children’s book author at just 16 years old!
  • Thursday, May 4: Stop Doubting, Start Living: “You Are a Badass” author JEN SINCERO celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her New York Times bestseller and what she’s learned since. Plus, former broadcaster LUKE RUSSERT opens up about his emotional journey that led to his memoir, “Look for Me There: Grieving My Father and Finding Myself.” And New York Times bestselling author and noted speaker LUVVIE AJAYI JONES on the debut of her book, “Little Troublemaker Makes A Mess.”
  • Friday, May 5: Pass the Mic: “The World’s Greatest Entertainer” DOUG E. FRESH stops by and talks about celebrating the 50th-anniversary of Hip-Hop and is later joined by DR. OLAJIDE WILLIAMS on their continued efforts for their globally recognized organization Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH.) Award-winning ABC News journalist DEBORAH ROBERTS discusses her new book, “In Lessons Learned and Cherished: The Teacher Who Changed My Life.” Then, Tamron meets an amazing teenager who created an app to communicate with his sister, who cannot speak.

Listings are subject to change.

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