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Guests & Listings For “Kelly Clarkson Show” Week of June 12 2023

Guests and more on this week’s (June 12, 2023) all-new episodes of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” airs at 2PM on NBC in some areas. Find your local listings at Previous episodes and more are available on Peacock. All of the talk shows we post are updated weekly. Simply bookmark us and search for “Kelly Clarkson” or whichever show to see the latest.

Check out this week’s Kelly Clarkson guests below.

  • Monday, June 12: Kellyoke: “Pure Imagination”; Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon and America Ferrera (“Barbie”); Saves and Deals with Lawrence Zarian; Mini Me Doll.
  • Tuesday, June 13: Kellyoke: “Maneater”; Garth Brooks; “Rock Star Roulette”; Boston Rowing Club.
  • Wednesday, June 14: Kellyoke: “A-O-K”; Ryan Seacrest; “Pie Hole in One”; Ryan Seacrest Foundation; India Amarteifio, Corey Mylchreest and Arsema Thomas (“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”); a homeless man works on a farm.
  • Thursday, June 15: Kellyoke: “New York Minute”; Kate Mara; Dr. Jane Goodall and Ava Louise Murchison; a baking demo with Susie Cakes; a 17-year-old medical nonprofit founder; LEGO city.
  • Friday, June 16: Kellyoke: “Falling Slowly” duet with Corey Ward; Joel McHale; Danielle Pinnock; Duckhorn wine demo; African American schoolhouse restored; Madeline’s unicorn.

Listings are subject to change.

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