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Gunther Is The Next Big Thing In WWE

Hello, everyone! It’s “The Wrestling Takeover” Jordan Turner here with another article for DiscussPW. This time, the article has to do with my thoughts on Gunther and why I believe WWE has its next big thing similar to Brock Lesnar in this current generation in WWE.

Quote from Gunther on the Intercontinental Title: “I want to take this title and make it the greatest prize to conquer.” Through a violent and believable approach to pro wrestling, Gunther plans to restore meaning to a championship once known as the stepping-stone to the WWE Title.

Gunther – “I want to take this title and make it the greatest prize to conquer,” says Gunther, Austrian-born Walter Hahn. “That’s the approach I had with the NXT UK Championship. The champion makes the title. That’s what I am planning to do here.”

Keep That Intercontinental Championship On Gunther Till WrestleMania 39

Triple H ”Paul Levesque” is the head of creative. Gunther has been unstoppable as Intercontinental Champion since winning it. I have an idea regarding Gunther and The Intercontinental Championship, which is he defends that championship against Sheamus in a rematch from their 5-star classic match that took place at ”WWE Clash At The Castle.” Gunther, the ”ring general” mentioned that he wants to bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship, which as a fan, is a great thing to hear. Sheamus is the right opponent to take down Gunther because when it happens, it’s going to come off as a big deal. WWE is all about moments. Sheamus returning after losing at ”Clash At The Castle” and dethroning Gunther would be what WWE touts as a ”WrestleMania moment.”

Going After The World Title

WWE rushed Brock Lesnar to the top of the card. Which I understood because they needed to create new stars also; Brock Lesnar was on fire at the time in 2002. Gunther is poised to become World Champion in WWE, it’s only a matter of time. I could remember a rumor that Vince McMahon started to sour on Gunther and that his push would be derailed. Thankfully Triple H came to the rescue. If everything falls in line, Gunther could be the next big thing in WWE for decades to come.

Will Triple H continue to present and protect Gunther? We will have to wait and find out, but right now, everything is looking good for Gunther, and if you’re a fan of his, all you can do is smile because you know he has direction and is on TV with purpose. ENJOY THE ARTICLE!


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