He's An Attraction. Deal With It

He’s An Attraction. Deal With It

He's An Attraction. Deal With It

Hello, everyone; it’s Jordan Turner, and I’m back again with another opinion column. This week, there’s been a rumor going around that Roman Reigns is scheduled to miss the Survivor Series this upcoming November. Is it possible? Of course. I will be here to talk about why fans in the community believe that ”it’s terrible that Roman Reigns isn’t appearing at Survivor Series.” I understand why people have that mindset. Here are my two senses on this subject.

Roman Reigns should appear at Survivor Series

For the people who say ”Roman Reigns should appear at Survivor Series. I will say that he should appear in the Survivor Series because he’s involved in this ”Bloodline/Judgement Day/Team Cody Rhodes story. And he’s the leader, and being the leader, he should appear and wrestle at one of the big five ‘Premier Live Events.’ He’s been gone for so long, and to miss Survivor Series would make no sense, especially since it’s a huge show. You have to have your ”number one guy” on the show.

Roman Reigns not being at Survivor Series is an issue

To me, Roman Reigns not appearing at Survivor Series doesn’t bother me as much as other people. He is an attraction, and he appears when it calls for it. People need to realize that WWE is presenting Roman Reigns like an old school World Champion! Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sanmartino, Bob Baklin and others. Who rarely appeared, they were who we call an attraction. They are the ones who puts asses in seats. People were for Roman Reigns rarely appearing, and all of a sudden it is an issue? I get it. But also, him rarely appearing shouldn’t be a problem because we’re all used to it. Should he be in War Games? Yeah. But maybe WWE has a huge surprise at Survivor Series that will overshadow him. We don’t know.

Final Take

Roman Reigns is a champion that feels special. I think he should appear at Survivor Series because it is a big show, yes. Then again, maybe are making it seem like if he doesn’t show up that it will ruin Survivor Series as a whole. Maybe he won’t be the focus on the show. Maybe it will be someone else. WWE is booking Roman Reigns like an old school World Champion, and I don’t mind it. Others do and that is fine. When he is gone, we all will miss his presense on the show, trust me.

I hope you all enjoyed this new article. Stay tuned for more. Spread the love of these articles and shoutout to DiscussPW. This is a topic that I had to talk about. Thanks for the support. Until next time Uce. Peace and blessings.



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