Hoarders Tonight July 3 2023 on A&E “Marjorie” New

Hoarders tonight 2023

The A&E “Hoarders” airs tonight Monday (July 3, 2023) and is all-new

The episode of Hoarders tonight airs Julu 3 at 9PM ET on A&E. If you would like previous episodes, you can watch at AETV.com. Check out more information about the episode below. Is TLC Forever new tonight? YES.

Hoarders Tonight “Marjorie”

Marjorie has collected items from thrift stores and estate sales over the years for projects which has led to a massive amount of clutter in her home making living in the space very difficult. Marjorie’s husband Irv has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and has already taken two dangerous falls in the house where the EMTs could not get to him. Irv had to crawl with broken bones to the porch for help and if this happens again, the State could put Irv in a home.

“Hoarders” is an often painful look inside a disease that can bury its sufferer — literally at times — in its symptoms. Each hourlong episode profiles two people on the verge of a personal crisis, all caused by the fact that they are unable to part with even the tiniest possessions, and the cumulative effect becomes a mountain of junk and garbage overtaking their home or apartment. If they don’t respond to professional help, the consequences sometimes involve eviction, kids being taken away, or even jail time.

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