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How To Handle Roman Reigns Title Run

Roman Reigns WWE
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Roman Reigns is the current WWE/Universal Champion. I believe that he’s had an awesome reign thus far. He first won The Universal Championship back on August 30, 2020 by pinning Braun Strowman and he’s defeated a who’s who of opponents during this title reign.

  • Kevin Owens
  • John Cena
  • Edge
  • Bryan Danielson
  • Jey Uso
  • Cesaro
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Braun Strowman
  • Bill Goldberg

With more to come for sure. There’s people who are saying ”Roman’s title reign is boring.” I don’t think so. What I think it is, is that you as a fan haven’t seen someone be this dominate in quite sometime that you are tired of it and you want to see something different, which is understandable. I’m sorry to tell you, I don’t see WWE having Roman Reigns lose anytime soon, or… This is where my creativity comes into play. Now if you all follow me on Twitter, you will know that I’ve pitched on multiple occasions that Roman Reigns shouldn’t lose anytime soon. Now since he has both championships, he needs to lose one of them this year and I have the perfect booking for it. Plus the perfect booking for him to eventually drop the Universal Championship.

The WWE Championship Title Run

With reports saying ”Roman Reigns will not drop the championships anytime soon” and looking at the state of Monday Night Raw. It’s best to say that Roman Reigns should in-fact drop The WWE Championship, but to who? I have heard a lot of names as potential opponents to beat Roman Reigns. Names like Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Edge, and Bobby Lashley. The only person out of this list that I wouldn’t mind beating Roman Reigns is Seth Rollins and AJ Styles, and Edge. Here’s the thing, we all know that isn’t going to happen. WWE has a lot of choices to choose from and yes, I know I’m forgetting one particular person.

Doing Something That His Father Couldn’t Do

I did that for a reason, because that person who should defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship is Cody Rhodes. I have the perfect storyline for Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes talked about ”doing something that his father couldn’t do. Which is win the WWE Championship.” Cody Rhodes needs to go through ups and downs, and by that I mean he needs to not get an opportunity at The WWE Championship. Roman Reigns doesn’t think Cody Rhodes is on his level, he feels like Cody Rhodes just came back to WWE to write the wrongs and he wants to prove to Vince McMahon that he can be a World Champion caliber athlete. I would book Cody Rhodes to eventually qualify for Money In The Bank and compete in the Men’s Ladder Match. Remember, Cody Rhodes is in this match, he needs to win. Because if he doesn’t, then why did he return to WWE if he wasn’t going to win the World Championship? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Cody Rhodes wins Money In The Bank and he wastes no time in challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Please keep in mind, the story is about Cody Rhodes winning the WWE Championship, not Roman Reigns right now. I will get to his story soon. Cody’s Rhodes’s prophecy. is completed as he takes down Roman Reigns and wins THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP, not the Universal Championship.

The Universal Championship Title Run

The Universal Championship should be top priority for Roman Reigns. Not The WWE Championship, and that’s because he’s been having that Universal Championship longer than he’s had The WWE Championship. Now, WWE needs to start thinking who should beat Roman Reigns for The Universal Championship and here’s my thing. When he faces The Rock, hopefully at WrestleMania 39, I’m telling you all that he will still be holding The Universal Championship by then. Once that match is over, WWE can start focusing on coming up with somebody to take down Roman Reigns. He lost his WWE Championship to a star who’s establish in Cody Rhodes. WWE now needs to create a new star and he be the guy to beat Roman Reigns and become not only the new Universal Champion, but the face of Friday Night SmackDown. I have a couple of names if booked correctly can take down Roman Reigns.

  • Austin Theory
  • Gunther
  • Solo Sikoa

These are the three names I immediately think of, when it comes to who should beat Roman Reigns for The Universal Championship. At the end of the day, it needs to be a new star and knowing Vince McMahon, I can see Austin Theory being the guy to beat Roman Reigns for The Universal Championship. We will see what happens. At the of the day, I think Roman Reigns should drop The WWE Championship to Cody Rhodes and then drop The Universal Championship to either Austin Theory, Gunther, and or Solo Sikoa. WWE has a real opportunity to create a new star, will take it and do something with it? We will have to wait and find out.


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