Future Of WWE

I Am Worried About The Future Of WWE

Future Of WWE

Yes. The title you see here is my feeling regarding the news of Vince McMahon potentially returning to rerun WWE. We live in a time in WWE of uncertainty all across the board, and I will give you all insight and my perspectives from both sides (Vince McMahon) and (the fans/ employees) side. Please understand that I love WWE and the best thing for this promotion is to be in the hands of Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Stephaine McMahon (Chairwomen CEO), and Nick Khan ( Co-CEO). Time to begin the article!

Full article from (CNBC) regarding the news of Vince McMahon returning to WWE and a potential sale.

Vince McMahon Holding A WWE Sale Hostage!

The WWE, as we know it, is in severe delay. And the reason for that is that Vince McMahon wants to return to his previous position, which was (CEO) and the official chairman of WWE. Reports say Vince McMahon wants to return to full-time in complete control of WWE. The issue they are in is that the new regime doesn’t support nor want Vince McMahon to return as the (CEO) and chairman of the board to run WWE again. The problem is that Vince McMahon rejoined the WWE board of directors Friday to begin a potential sale process for his company. Sources say that a sale is imminent, and WWE has hired JPMorgan to advise on a sale. Legacy media, streaming giants, and entertainment holding companies could submit bids to buy WWE. A deal would likely happen before mid-2023, when TV rights renewal deal negotiations will also take place. So it looks like from all the reports that WWE will be sold in 2023; the problem is that Vince McMahon has a majority share with stock in WWE. Is he pretty much saying ”you want a sale of WWE? Let me return as chairman of WWE, and I will sell the company”. Here is what Vince McMahon had to say recently via (CNBC) in regards to a potential sale “my return will allow WWE, as well as any transaction counterparties, to engage in these processes knowing they will have the support of the controlling shareholder,” McMahon said in a statement Thursday. All Vince McMahon wants is to sell The WWE. That doesn’t look to be the case at all. Vince McMahon, sell the company and go away! He won’t get a sale unless he returns to the (CEO) position, which should not happen.

I Get Why He Wants To Return!

Vince McMahon has run WWE for over three decades, and he ”retired”, no. He was forced out due to money/harassment allegations last year. Suddenly, he wants to return to take control back in WWE. Not going to lie, this is his baby, and he has every right to want it back. He has cried, bled, and sweat WWE and the brand he built and made into a global empire known as WWE. He is coming back to reclaim his throne, but the issue is, again, nobody wants him back, and that’s employees and us, the fans. Everything is currently up in the air in WWE, and Vince McMahon will continue to fight. I remember a quote that Jim Ross said ”Vince McMahon. He fights. He’s been a fighter all his life”. With everything happening, I would also fight to reclaim something I want to hold onto. Vince McMahon only knows WWE; in his mind, he doesn’t believe or trust anybody else to run WWE. That is why he wants to return. Then again, the company is better off without Vince McMahon at the helm regarding creativity. I specifically said ”Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, and their team can run the business side of WWE. As far as the creative and TV product is concerned, that goes to Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque, and their team.” Apparently, from new reports via Bodyslam.net, (Vince McMahon is expected to return to WWE creative internally) https://www.bodyslam.net/2023/01/08/vince-mcmahon-expected-to-return-to-wwe-creative-internally/ Vince McMahon took WWE to heights it’s never seen before and pro wrestling in general into the mainstream. He feels he doesn’t know anything and that WWE is his escape and home. I wouldn’t want someone or multiple people to take something from me and tell me ”yeah. We’re giving it to somebody else. Yeah, no!”

In Closing, Who Buys WWE in 2023?

The news suggests that several companies are in play to buy WWE INC potentially.

  1. NBC Universal – Comcast
  2. Fox
  3. Amazon
  4. Warner Bros. Discovery
  5. Disney
  6. Netflix
  7. Endeavor Groups Holdings
  8. Liberty Media

After listing all eight of these companies, I only see two companies that have a real shot at acquiring WWE if the rumors are to believe that they will sell this year. And those two names are NBC Universal (Comcast) and Disney. Let’s dissect these two companies, and I will give you all a verdict on who I see buying WWE INC.

NBC Universal – Comcast

NBC Universal – Comcast has been in bed with WWE for over three decades, and it logically makes the most sense to purchase WWE. Comcast can lock up WWE in perpetuity without paying upcoming rights renewal increases and can use the company’s IP for theme parks, movies, and other spinoff series. NBC Universal owns the majority of WWE TV with Raw and NXT, not including buying The WWE Network and its entire library. They technically own 80% of WWE, and fans alike feel like NBC Universal should be considered a real threat to purchase WWE INC.

Disney INC

Disney INC owns Starwars, ESPN, Century Fox, Discovery Channel, and more. They are the entertainment world’s monopoly, and adding WWE to the mix would be huge. That means that WWE will be on Disney +, and ESPN can get involved, produce talk shows, etc., for the network. It’s a real probability.

I see it being one of these two companies that buy WWE INC this year. Let’s see how things play out as a potential sale of WWE will be the biggest story in 2023 and perhaps the biggest wrestling story in decades. If any more news breaks about this, I will be sure to do a podcast on it. The Wrestling Takeover Podcast / Twitter @JTTakeover / Instagram @thewrestlingtakeover. Thanks for reading this article! Prediction, who do I see buying WWE? NBC Universal – Comcast.