i can see your voice tonight season 3 2024

I Can See Your Voice Tonight January 10 2024 on FOX “Queen Night: Gavin DeGraw, Thomas Lennon, Jennie Garth, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Cheryl Hines”

i cann see your voice tonight season 3 2024

Thursday (January 10 2024) the hit FOX show I Can See Your Voice tonight returns with another all-new episode

The January 10 2024 episode of I Can See Your Voice tonight, airs at 8PM ET on Fox. You can watch previous episodes on Hulu and Fox.com. This is an new epsiode listed as Seaosn 3 episode 2

Gavin DeGraw, Jennie Garth and Thomas Lennon serve as Celebrity Detectives to help one contestant tell the difference between good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note.

Each week one contestant will have the chance to win a cash prize if he or she can tell the difference between the good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note. Helping the contestant navigate through rounds of lip sync challenges, hilarious hidden clues and true-or-false evidence will be a panel of celebrity comedians/experts and a musical superstar. In the end, the singers whom the contestants pick will reveal if they are good or bad in a duet performance with the musical superstar, resulting in an amazing musical collaboration or a totally hilarious train wreck.

The series was created by Lee Seon-young

i can see your voice tonight

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