IMPACT Wrestling 1.12.23 Tonight

IMPACT Wrestling Results from Pembroke Pines, Florida 1/12/2023

IMPACT Wrestling 1.12.23 Tonight

IMPACT Wrestling aired an episode of IMPACT taped in Pembroke Pines, Florida airing on AXS TV on 1/13/2023 and we have results. This taping took place at the Charles F. Dodge City Center

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IMPACT Wrestling Results 1/12/23

Shera and Raj Singh beat Johnny Swinger and “Outlandish” Zicky Dice in the BTI match.

The show starts with Josh Mathews interviewing Bully Ray and “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander via Zoom. It is announced that Scott D’Amore will be out indefinitely. Alexander says what happened to D’Amore is more of the same from Bully Ray. He says there is no limit to what Bully Ray will do and that he will do anything. Bully Ray says that he is in Josh Alexander’s head, but Alexander tells Bully that will not give him the advantage. Bully says that he can tell by looking at Alexander that he is in his head and that he does have the advantage, and that Alexander played into his hand. He then says that Alexander will have to beat him at his own game in Full Metal Mayhem. He then admits that he cannot wrestle Alexander for 60 minutes and says that Alexander should have kept their match a regular wrestling match, but Alexander has less of a chance because he did not. Alexander says that while he can wrestle Bully Ray, tomorrow night will be the fight of his life, and he has endured every single kind of pain to stay World Champion. Bully Ray says Alexander will deal pain and do things to Alexander that he has never felt before. Bully Ray then says that he will be three-time world champion. Alexander then says that tomorrow night, the talk is over, and everyone will see who will walk out world champion.

Heath beats Brian Myers.

We hear from Ace Austin and Chris Bey. Austin says they are back home in Impact Wrestling after doing well in New Japan’s Super Juniors Tag League, and that they are now in tag team title contention.

Backstage, Jessicka tells Rosemary that Taya Valkyrie has been attacked. When they find Taya, Taya says that there were four people who attacked her, then tells Rosemary to take her place in the next match.

Savannah Evans beats Rosemary following the distraction by Jai Vidal, Tasha Steelz and “The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw. After the match, Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Jai Vidal and Gisele Shaw attack Rosemary, and when Jessicka tries to make the save, she also gets attacked.

The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is Rhino vs. Moose in a no-disqualification match at Hard To Kill 2020.

We hear from Taylor Wilde, who calls upon the elements as she says that she will rise.

We see a video package chronicling Mickie James’ “Last Rodeo” up to her Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Championship match against Jordynne Grace at Hard To Kill.

The Design (Deaner, Angels, Kon) head to the ring. Deaner says that Sami Callihan wants to join The Design, but in order for that to happen, he must go through a process that starts now and involves shaving the hair off of his head. He then tells Sami to come to the ring and take the first step in the process right now, then the light goes out. Sami is in the ring when they come back on. Deaner tells Sami that the first step is to lose his identity, and orders him to give his baseball bat to Kon. Sami points the bat to Kon, who then takes it. Deaner says this was the right choice, then tells him the story of Samson’s strength. He says that the source of Samson’s power was in his hair, and when he lost his hair, he lost his power and became weak. When Deaner asks Sami if he is willing to become weak, Sami asks if they are to break themselves down to become stronger. Deaner says this is a right answer, and says that he must see this long, arduous and violent process to the end. When he asks Sami if he is willing to see this through to the end, Sami asks Deaner if he is going to talk forever or cut his hair. Sami sits in the chair, and Angels cuts his hair. Deaner says that with every cut, Sami is realizing that he does not need to listen to the people because they do not care about him, never have cared and never will care. Deaner then takes a razor and tells him that this is the right choice before putting it to his hair. Sami then takes Deaner’s arm, takes the razor, then cuts the hair himself. Deaner says Sami is beginning to understand, then tells him to stop listening to the people and to start listening to himself and the right choices in his head as Sami continues to cut. Deaner then tells Sami to make the next right choice and look in the mirror to see what he has become. Sami looks, then smacks the mirror on his head, picks up the scissors and hands them to Deaner. Deaner proclaims this “the death of the Death Machine” and “the birth of Callihan.”

Backstage, Gia Miller interviews Gail Kim, who says she has too much on her place and that Anthem has found the perfect fill-in for Scott D’Amore, and that this fill-in will be revealed at Hard To Kill.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey beats “The Alternative” Anthony Greene.

We see a video package for Bully Ray vs. “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander for the Impact Wrestling World Championship at Hard To Kill.

Before the next match, Joe Hendry says Friday the 13th may be bad luck, but against Moose and “his two back-up dancers,” one cannot help but believe in him and his tag team partners.

Moose, Eddie Edwards and Steve Maclin beat Rich Swann, Jonathan Gresham and Joe Hendry in a six-man tag match, giving Hendry his first loss since his return last year. After the match, only Eddie Edwards is still in the ring. Afterwards, the lights go dark and start flashing as lightning can be heard.

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