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“Kelly Clarkson Show” Guests & Previews for the Week of July 25 2022

Guests and more on this week’s (July 25, 2022) all-new episodes of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” airs at 2PM on NBC in some areas. Find your local listings at Previous episodes and more are available on Peacock. All of the talk shows we post are updated weekly. Simply bookmark us and search for “Kelly Clarkson” or whichever show to see the latest.

Check out this week’s Kelly Clarkson guests below.

  • Monday, July 25: Kelly sings “Never Again, Again”; Kaley Cuoco; Zosia Mamet; Henry Winkler; Literacy Now; perfect ACT score. (Repeat of Apr 28 2022)
  • Tuesday, July 26: Kelly sings “Castles”; Ted Danson; Natasha Rothwell; Good Neighbor: A New Way of Life; Pirate Kitty; Ben Rector performs. (Repeat of Apr 12 2022)
  • Wednesday, July 27: Kellyoke classic: “Nostalgic”; Renée Zellweger; Judy Greer; Bobby Moynihan; gas station birth; mom gets birthday wrong; Bryan Adams performs. (Repeat of Mar 15 2022)
  • Thursday, July 28: Kelly sings “Rescue”; actor Daniel Radcliffe; actress Youn Yuh-Jung; Nicole Remy (“The Courtship”); kids hide money around town; New York City bread barter. (Repeat of Mar 24 2022)
  • Friday, July 29: Kelly sings “Careless Whisper”; Hilary Duff; Jabari Banks; The Newcomers Access Center; Daisy the Great (featuring AJR) performs; teacher moves to Ghana. (Repeat of Feb 23 2022)

Listings are subject to change.

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