Law & Order Tonight

Law & Order Tonight May 18 2023 on NBC “Open Wounds” New

Law & Order Tonight

Thursday (May 18, 2023) the hit NBC series “Law & Order” returns tonight with another all-new episode

Tonight, The May 18 episode of “Law & Order” airs at 8PM ET on NBC. You can watch previous episodes at and Peacock TV. Is Law & Order new tonight? YES, listed as season 22 episode 23

Law & Order Tonight “Open Wounds”

A senator is gunned down at his daughter’s wedding. Meanwhile, McCoy pushes for a severe sentence and squares up against a formidable DA ? his own daughter. Also, Price aims to stay neutral but can’t help but empathize with the defendant over a shared trauma.

Dick Wolf’s Law & Order is the second longest-running drama series in the history of television. The series premiered in 1990 and ran 20 seasons before returning in 2022. Law & Order’s unique bifurcated format of police procedural and legal drama is known for its ripped-from-the-headline stories. Set and filmed in New York City, the first half is a murder investigation and apprehension of a suspect by NYPD detectives while the second half is the prosecution of the defendant by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“Law & Order” Stars
Anthony Anderson (Detective Kevin Bernard), Hugh Dancy (Assistant District Attorney Nathan Price), Jeffrey Donovan (Detective Frank. Cosgrove), Odelya Halevi (Assistan District Attorney Samantha Maroun), Camryn Manheim (Lt. Kate Dixon), Sam Waterston (Distric Attorney Jack McCoy)

The series was created by Dick Wolf

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