Long CHmapionship Reigns

Long Championship Reigns Need To Be The Norm In This New Era!

What’s the word y’all? In today’s newest article on DiscussPW, I talk about something that nobody in the wrestling community is talking about: we need to see champions in pro wrestling have long and memorable reigns as champions because when they lose, it will be a big deal. I will explain why fans need to start wanting champions to have longer reigns, and remember, it isn’t how many times you win a championship that defines your reign; it’s what you do in those championship reigns that will define you when it’s all said and done. Let’s begin!

Gunther – WWE Intercontinental Champion

Currently, Gunther is at 309 days as Intercontinental Champion. That’s an incredible feat, I have been saying for months that he needs to surpass The Honkey Tonk Man’s record as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion. Is it possible that he will break the record? Yes. Here’s the thing, people need to understand that we haven’t seen The Intercontinental Championship be carried and respected like the way it has been in decades. So seeing this championship be well-protected is a blessing; people are trying to figure out who should dethrone him, and I have two names, Pete Dunne and Ilja Dragonuv. At the end of the day, once Gunther breaks the record, I hope Pete Dunne and or Ilja Dragonuv are built up to a point where the fans feel like it’s time for Gunther to lose. And whoever beats Gunther needs to have a similar reign as he; it needs to be the norm moving forward.

Roman Reigns – WWE Universal/WWE Champion

The WWE has one goal, and I want people to understand that Roman Reigns will surpass 1,000 days as champion. And the current run that Roman Reigns is on is the reason why I even wrote this article. Whenever his reign ends, WWE need to start having their champions have longer reigns, and I’m not saying that champions should surpass 1,000 days, but they do need to go over at least 200 days as champion going forward. People have been complaining for years to have Roman Reigns’ loss, but those people have to understand that we might never see a reign like this again in WWE. So I’m taking a breath and being in the moment when I watch his current reign. I love seeing champions have long reigns like this.

Bianca Belair – WWE RAW Women’s Champion

Bianca Belair will surpass 300 days as RAW Women’s Champion. But the problem with Bianca Belair is that she doesn’t have an opponent that is on her level and who is real enough to defeat her. Y’all know what, though? There is someone who should defeat her. That person is Io Sky, but before she came into the picture, Asuka was the only person who really had a shot at defeating Bianca Belair, but she didn’t. People need to understand that she will lose, but she will lose when the right time calls for it. Her reign as RAW Women’s Champion has been a 7/10 because there was no roster depth before Triple H brought back women to the company. People love Bianca Belair, and WWE does as well, so she will retain the championship until WWE can find somebody to dethrone her. The thing is, there is somebody, and it’s Io Sky. Bianca Belair didn’t really face tough competition thus far, I hope that changes.

In closing: I’m only talking WWE because other promotions like AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, NJPW, and MLW haven’t had a champion that had or has been on a long reign as World Champion. When it’s all said and done, fans need to accept that we need champions to have longer reigns because when they lose, it will be a big deal. Case and point, Roman Reigns, Gunther, and Bianca Belair. Thanks for reading this new article, and I will catch y’all next time.


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