Lopez vs Lopez Tonight April 9 2024 on NBC “Lopez vs Pizza” New Episode

Friday (April 8 2024) the hit NBC series “Lopez vs. Bucket Crabs” returns tonight with an all-new episode

The April 9 2024 episode of Lopez vs Lopez tonight, airs at 8:30PM ET on NBC. You can watch previous episodes at NBC.com and Peacock TV. Is Lopez vs Lopez new tonight? YES

Lopez vs Lopez Tonight “Lopez vs Pizza”

The stress of Mayan and Quinten’s new jobs leads to an unexpected amount of conflict and pizza. George and Rosie find a way to benefit from the mayhem.

George and Mayan, a once-estranged father and daughter, navigate dysfunction, reconnection and all the headaches and joy in between as they make up for lost time like only they can. With George back in the picture, he can always be counted on to provide Mayan with some unconventional parenting advice about her son, Chance — while saving a few lighthearted barbs for her boyfriend, Quinten, for good measure. Then there’s George’s ex-wife, Rosie, who hasn’t quite forgiven him, but they’re staying on good terms… mostly. In the end, the Lopez clan gets by with a little drama, a lot of love and a lifetime of laughter.

“Lopez vs Lopez” Stars George Lopez (George), Mayan Lopez (Mayan), Selenis Leyva (Rosie), Matt Shivley (Quinten), Brice Gonzalez (Chance).

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