Mercedes Moné: The Conversation, The Standard, and The Game Changer

Mercedes Mone

It’s okay to bet on yourself. We have seen it done several times in professional wrestling where someone has bet on themselves. And so many times, it has worked, and they have benefited from it and never looked back. I’m betting on myself because I know I’m good at what I do, as does Mercedes Moné. She left the machine known as (WWE) and decided to bet on herself to go and chase a dream which was competing in (NJPW/Stardom). And from the looks of it, she’s succeeding not only for herself but the owner of Bhishorad (NJPW/Stardom). Not only has she taken Joshi and that world, but she’s proven what I and others believed, and that’s that she can hang with the best of them in (NJPW/Stardom).

The Conversation and The Greatest – Mercedes Moné

I understand that people will be ready and willing to rip my head off with what I’m about to say, and that’s fine. Go ahead. But what you say will not change my mind. People will argue, but I will say with confidence that Mercedes Moné is the greatest women’s in-ring performer of all time. And the more she showcases what she can do against the best in the world, not just doing it in (WWE) but in other promotions, the more undeniable and blatant it becomes that she’s the greatest. Ladies and gentlemen, look at her body of work from (WWE) to where she is now in (NJPW/Stardom) battling against the best ever in women’s wrestling, like Kairi Sane, Hazuki, and AZM. That’s just in (NJPW/Stardom) with more opponents in that promotion. Let’s document her time in WWE and go over her run there, where she battled a who’s who of opponents and never had a bad match, and she can work with anybody and bring them to a good or great match. When she was in NXT, she battled against her real-life friend and rival, Bayley, at (NXT Takeover Brooklyn 1) back in 2015. That was and still holds up to me as the greatest women’s match in WWE history. After that match, she had more classics with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at (WrestleMania 32), against Bianca Belair in that generational match at (WrestleMania 37) where we saw two black women main event a WrestleMania, against Becky Lynch inside (Hell In A Cell), against Becky Lynch at (NXT Takeover Unstoppable), against Bayley inside (Hell In A Cell), against Ronda Rousey at (Royal Rumble), against Bayley at (NXT Takeover Respect) in that Ironwomen match, against Asuka on an episode of (Raw), against Asuka at (Extreme Rules), against Io Shirai at (NXT Great American Bash), I can go on and on, y’all know the deal. And guess what? With all of that happening, the company took her for granted. The company never fully grew to appreciate greatness, and the funny thing is, it was standing in front of them the entire time. Not understanding that she could lead a division as the head of it, they never trusted her and went with others except for her. Moné said enough of this crap. I need to leave to really show (WWE) that she can be THAT MEGA STAR, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. She is living up to the nickname ”The Blueprint” by creating that blueprint by beating herself and knowing everything will be okay.

Stop Hating On Greatness – Mercedes Moné

Mercedes Moné is the conversation. Because she gets talked about all the time, and she knows it. She’s the hottest free agent right now. The hate that she gets on social media pisses me off because it’s not warranted. She left WWE to chase her dream, which is to compete in (NJPW/Stardom) and fans of WWE hate her because she ”left the team to join the enemy”. Recently on Sports IIustrated – She said ”this isn’t just for me. This is for the future. It’s for every girl that has a dream. I’m showing the world that you can achieve feats that no one else has done before.” She loves the style of (NJPW/Stardom), and she also loves the (Luchadore) style too. I can see her going to Mexico for a while, but that’s just speculation on my behalf. Mercedes Moné loves professional wrestling and once to bring not just change but she wants to elevate women’s wrestling and the perception that fans still have of it. She is an all-timer, as she’s traveling the world to fight the very best in women’s professional wrestling. Once she’s done in (NJPW/Stardom), I can see her traveling to (IMPACT Wrestling) and wrestling the best there. (IMPACT Wrestling) has an unbelievable women’s roster, names like Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James, who Mercedes Moné has gone on record and said that she once to face, Jordyne Grace, and more. Not to mention, AEW, who is currently working with (NJPW/Stardom), many fans want to see Mercedes Moné appear at (Forbidden Door 2) and face off against current AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter. Fans want Mercedes Moné in (AEW) when it’s all said and done. I see fans on social media throwing dirt on her name, and that bothers me because you were once a fan of hers in WWE. Then all of a sudden, you turn your back on her because she left (WWE)? So, in reality, you weren’t a fan of hers from the get-go. If you are a fan, you need to support her no matter where she goes.

When it’s all said and done. Mercedes Moné will go down as the greatest women’s wrestler in North America to ever have stepped foot in (WWE). She knows what she’s worth, fans can dictate and disrespect her all they want, but you will be upset when she’s gone because she’s leaving a trail for future women who wanna do what she does. She’s a trailblazer, a legend, the blueprint, and now CEO. She’s money, and what’s (WWE) loss is currently (NJPW/Stardom) gain. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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