NBC TODAY Show Guests & Listings for the Week of April 11 2022

Upcoming guests and more on this week’s (April 11, 2021) all-new episodes of the “NBC TODAY” show

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Check out this week’s “NBC TODAY” show guests and listings below.

Monday, April 11

(7-9 a.m.) Guest: Lizzo on Hosting SNL, Her New Music and Her Passion Project on Shapewear for Body Positivity. Molly Shannon on Her Memoir, Sharing a New Side of Her Story and a Behind the Scenes Look at SNL.

(9-10 a.m.) Motivational Monday: National Stress Awareness Month with Delatorro McNeal, II. Style File with Katie Sands. Move It Monday with Beth Nicely. Equip: Family Based Therapy for Eating Disorder Treatment.

(10-11 a.m.) Guest: Lizzo. Molly Shannon on Hello Molly. Hot Shoes For Spring with Melissa Garcia. Spring Cha-Ching.

Tuesday, April 12

(7-9 a.m.) Citi Concert Series: Camila Cabello. Your Health: New Research on Why So Many of Us Are More Forgetful These Days. TODAY Climate: Universal Hollywood Electronic Trams. 

(9-10 a.m.) Catching Up with Craig Robinson. George Oliphant on George to the Rescue. She Made It with Jill Martin. TODAY Food with Vallery Lomas: Pecan Bundt Cake with Crushed Pineapple.

(10-11 a.m.) Last Minute Spring Break Deals with Dayvee Sutton. What’s Everyone TOK’ing About.

Wednesday, April 13

(7-9 a.m.) TODAY Climate Exclusive: Al Roker Interviews President Obama. TODAY Beauty: Causes, Treatments and Remedies for Skin Spots with Macrene Alexiades. April Best Sellers: Home and Beauty Edition with Adrianna Brach. TODAY Home: Easter Decorations with Martha Stewart.

(9-10 a.m.) Catching Up with Jon Batiste. Michelle Williams and Tina Knowles on Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story. Springtime Holiday DIY with Lindsey Peers. International Plant Day with Hilton Carter.

(10-11 a.m.) Guest: Grammy Wins and Catching Up with Jon Batiste. Dr. Becky Kennedy. TODAY Food: Passover Cooking with Melissa Clark. Spring Forward with Elizabeth Mayhew.

Thursday, April 14

(7-9 a.m.) Guest: Lester Holt on the Two-Year Anniversary of Nightly News. Your Money: Last Minute Tax Filing Tips with Stephanie Ruhle. TODAY Consumer Reports: Best Small Appliances for Spring Cleaning with Elliot Weiler. TODAY Food: Easter Frittata and Olive Oil Cake with Lidia Bastianich.

(9-10 a.m.) Catching Up with Noah Reid. Consumer Confidential with Stefani Berkin. Shop All Day with Chassie Post.

(10-11 a.m.) Guest: Snoop Dogg Co-hosts. TODAY Food: Easter Lunch Cooking with Lidia Bastianich. Doggie Fashion Show.

Friday, April 15

(7-9 a.m.) Rockefeller Center Roller Rink Opens. TODAY Home: Brighten Up Your Home with Carrie Carrollo.

(9-10 a.m.) Guests: Rabbi Rachel Ain and Reverend Eva Suarez. Hugh Laurie, Lucy Boynton and Will Poulter on Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Superfood Friday for Passover/Easter with Joy Bauer. Roller Rink Fun with Liberty Ross.

(10-11 a.m.) Easter Candy Creations with Cricket Azima. Speaking with Spirit with Agapi Stassinopoulos.

Listings are subject to change.

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