Impact Knockout Tease

New Impact Knockout Set To Debut

Impact Knockout Tease

PWInider reported before IMPACT that there would be a tease tonight for a new knockout debut. Posted below is the tease that was shown.

IMPACT Wrestling has seen an influx of talent since their Hard To Kill PPV. Outside of that, they have seemed to upgrade their production of the product which is nothing but positives for me being a long-time fan.

I love seeing teases when it comes to a talent debuting, for me, it builds the excitement. And in some ways can draw some new eyes on the product wondering who this person may be. I have a good feeling on who this Knockout is, and if you check out our Impact discussion, a lot of the community seems to agree. If it is who we think it is, this is a great pick-up for Impact. Though, there are a lot of available could be knockouts out there, we could possibly see more than this in the coming weeks.

The Quintessential Diva A New Impact Knockout ?

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