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New Tonight July 13 2022 on The CW “Mysteries Decoded” | “Alien Mountain”

Mysteries Decoded Tonight

Wednesday (July 13, 2022) the hit CW show “Mysteries Decoded” returns tonight with an all-new episode

Tonight, the July 13 episode of “Mysteries Decoded” airs at 9PM ET on The CW. You can watch previous episodes on the CW Website.

Mysteries Decoded Tonight “Alien Mountain”

Private investigator Jennifer Marshall and paranormal investigator Heather Taddy travel to Dulce, N.M., to look into reports that a secret underground alien facility exists under Archuleta Mesa — also known as Alien Mountain.

The investigative documentary series “Mysteries Decoded” delves deep into some of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, exploring newly discovered evidence and utilizing high-tech tools in each case. From Area 51 to the Salem witch trials, each episode’s investigation is coordinated by Jennifer Marshall, an accomplished U.S. Navy veteran turned top-notch private investigator, as she mobilizes her team to embark on the formidable quest to bring closure to these long-lingering historical puzzles.

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