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Not Just Yet

The champs are here once again for another opinion piece right here on DiscussPW. Today’s article concerns The ”American Nightmare” that is Cody Rhodes. Who will challenge for The Universal/WWE Championship on night two of WrestleMania in Sofi Stadium against The ”Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. I will be documenting and explaining Cody Rhodes’s journey to get where he’s currently and why it’s not a good time for him to defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. And where I can see him finally beating Roman Reigns and how he should do it.


Just before Hell In A Cell and his match against Seth Rollins, with who he had just had two previous encounters. He got injured, which was graphic, but he still wrestled as Seth Rollins, and he put on a memorable Hell In A Cell match. The rivalry against Seth Rollins seemed to be over there because, before their match, Cody Rhodes was undefeated in WWE. Everybody was on his side as he continued to say, ”I need to win a championship that my father never could. That being The WWE Championship”.


The truth is once The 2023 Royal Rumble came around. Only one person should’ve won that match, and his name was Cody Rhodes, which he did. He came out at number thirty, which was dumb, in my opinion, and he should’ve come out at number two at least. Once he came out thirty, we all knew he would win, and that’s exactly what he did. So it wasn’t like Cody Rhodes struggled, and yes, he and Gunther went thirty-plus minutes before Cody Rhodes won at the end. But that’s not a true struggle. He was gifted that Royal Rumble win.


When you look at the run of Cody Rhodes since returning to WWE, it’s been nothing but highs and no lows. Returned to WWE with a heroes welcome, three consecutive classics with Seth Rollins, and winning The 2023 Royal Rumble. He hasn’t struggled, and honestly, for his sake, he needs to, and his American Nightmare character needs to see some struggle instead of being handed everything. That struggle is losing at WrestleMania 39 in Sofi Stadium in the main event of night two against Roman Reigns. He needs to see a down period, and I believe the character deserves one. People only want Roman Reigns to lose because you, as a fan, are tired of his dominance as champion and wanna see something new. Roman Reigns has beaten mostly everybody, but he still has new opponents to challenge him. Cody Rhodes needs to lose so his character can have what it feels to have a reality check. Cody Rhodes has been saying to Solo Sikoa, ”you’re not ready,” and he isn’t saying that for the sake of saying that. There’s a reason for that. The Cody Rhodes character must understand that he’s not ready yet.


Cody Rhodes can be crowned at WrestleMania. But he will do it without a struggle during that entire journey. He was just placed there as ”the guy” to defeat Roman Reigns because there’s ”nobody else” which is false. The American Nightmare once accomplished what his father never did, but that can wait right now. The American Nightmare hasn’t seen this version of Roman Reigns, and The Tribal Chief is head and showers above everybody. Roman Reigns still has more to accomplish as champion, and Cody Rhodes needs to struggle and come so close but finally feels what it’s like to lose. He then regroups and understands that maybe at WrestleMania, he ”wasn’t ready”. He finds himself again and takes a different outlet to reach his ultimate goal. He wins Money In The Bank or King of The Ring to challenge Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in Detroit, MI, and wins. They did it with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar where. Roman Reigns lost at WrestleMania 34 but defeated Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Same outlet here, with Cody Rhodes being Roman Reigns and Roman Reigns being Brock Lesnar. Again, the Cody Rhodes character hasn’t struggled and needs to see how it feels to struggle. Is Cody Rhodes ready? Yes. But is The American Nightmare ready? Only time will tell.

I would end the main event of night two with (C) Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, with Cody Rhodes losing via submission as Roman Reigns applies a sleeper hold, and Cody Rhodes passes out. Very similar to when Bayley passed out against Asuka at NXT Takeover Dallas. If Cody Rhodes does win, I won’t be upset. I feel his character needs to struggle more.

Thank you all. I hope you all enjoy reading this new article. And again, it’s just one person’s opinion. We will find out together on Sunday for night two of WrestleMania. Too sweet and duces y’all. Support The Wrestling Takeover Podcast. Links below!


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