Panic 9-1-1 Tonight

“Panic 9-1-1” New Tonight August 6 2022 on A&E “They’re Coming”

Panic 9-1-1 Tonight

Saturday (August 6, 2022) the hit A&E series “Panic 9-1-1” tonight with a new episode

Tonight, the August 6 episode of “Panic 9-1-1” airs at 10PM ET on A&E. You can watch previous episodes at Check out more information about the episode below.

Panic 9-1-1 Tonight “They’re Coming”

An 11-year-old is home alone when a group of robbers breaks into his house; while driving on I-80 in Utah, a good Samaritan spots a burning car on the salt flats and moves into high gear to save the driver; firefighters plan a dramatic water rescue.

Using audio from actual 911 calls to frame the stories, “Panic 9-1-1” places viewers in the middle of harrowing conversations between dispatchers and fear-stricken callers as life-and-death situations unfold in real time. Each call is enhanced by stylized re-creations and interviews with witnesses, officers, call dispatchers and, in some cases, the callers themselves, and viewers are left in the dark concerning the outcome of each emergency — who lives and who dies — until the very last second.

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