Please Don’t Rush Up Jade Cargill

What’s good, everyone? It’s Jordan, host of ”The Wrestling Takeover” back with an opinion piece on DiscussPW. I’ve been gone, taking a break from writing, but I’m back and ready to give you all outstanding articles. And today, I got a good one, as this pertains to the potential debut of (former AEW superstar) Jade Gargill, who’s rumored to be debuting in WWE soon. I will talk about why it will be too soon for her to debut on the main roster and why she should instead debut on the NXT brand.

When you look at the women’s division on the main roster, the WWE has outstanding women. Now, when you look at the women on the NXT brand, you have a core of three women who are soon to be debuting on the main roster. And those women are Tiffany Stratton, Cora Jade, and Roxane Perez. These three women have been on the NXT brand for some time, working on their craft and becoming better performers. These three ladies are able and ready to head up to the main roster on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. If they can remain in NXT, Jade Gargill can do a year or at least six to nine months on the NXT brand.

Jade Gargill doesn’t have a lot of experience in professional wrestling. She can work with great minds in NXT, like Shawn Micheals, Road Dogg, Matt Bloom, and others. When you look at Jade Cargill, she’s a physical specimen. She’s outstanding on the microphone; she has a presence when she comes out. But she lacks in-ring psychology; she’s not all the way there regarding wrestling ability, and her selling is not quite there. And fans plus management want to put her on the main roster already? That’s not best for business. You want her to swim, not sink. Rumors say that WWE said to have ”high priority” creative plans for Jade Cargill following her departure from AEW. It’s too soon, WWE. Jade Cargill versus Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Iyo Sky, Asuka, Bayley, Rhea Ripley, and more is a must-see TV. But all those women would mop the floor with Jade Cargill, and everyone knows it. There is no need to rush her on the main roster. I would rather see Jade Cargill go to NXT, own her skills, and be the queen of that division, and then, when she’s ready, not only will she know, but fans will know that she’s ready to go up to the main roster.

When it’s all said and done, WWE will do whatever they want with Jade Cargill. They know she has mega-star potential, but they need to handle her gracefully and not immediately rush her to the main roster. From my point of view, it’s like WWE, and some fans want instant gratification, which shouldn’t be the case. What do you all think? Should Jade Cargill go down to NXT, or should she go up to the main roster? If she does go up to the main roster, she should not only debut on the main roster at The 2024 Royal Rumble. But she should be in consideration to win The Women’s Royal Rumble!

Thanks for reading. I’m a fan of Jade Cargill if the rumors are true and she’s headed to WWE. I welcome her with open arms because I’m a fan. But I will always be honest with my readers: I want the best for her and WWE to do right by her. Until next time… Duces Uce!


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