Quick Hit Interview with Matt Tremont

First off, I would like to thank you for taking part in this interview Matt, you are one hell of a wrestler. Whether it is in CZW, IWA-MS, C*4 up here out of Ottawa, Ontario, WXW out of Germany, or the ton’s of other indy promotions across the US.

Let’s get this interview started. Tell us about the person behind Matt Tremont? What is he like?

The Bulldozer is one person and Matt Tremont is another. Completely different outside the ring opposed to the over the top violent character that is the Bulldozer. I’m very laid back and keep to yourself type guy. I do my own thing and aside from being on the road I’m usually with my wife. I work a lot within many different ventures in the wrestling business I have currently going on. When I’m not working I just like to relax at home take care of the wife and pay the bills. I like to hit the movies a lot and go to flea markets and good will stores that’s my thing.

What inspired you to become a professional wrestler? Also why the deathmatch style?

I became a wrestling fan at the age of 9 or 10 years old. Hardcore wrestling / death match wrestling whatever label you want to give it was the genre of entertainment of wrestling that caught my eye and that I enjoyed. Wasn’t one wrestler or match in particular, I just knew it was something I enjoyed watching. Early on Japanese Wrestling (IWA Japan & FMW ) were favorite promotions to watch along with ECW and then eventually CZW amongst others.

Who had the privilege of training you? How was the experience?

I broke in very old school I didn’t go to one school / dojo in particular. I started out with a group called AWFR: America’s Wrestling Fundraisers trained w/ them and was working matches and events while I trained. I had many trainers Amy Lee, Dan Luria amongst others early on who Id take my first initial bumps in the ring with.

What are some of your interests outside of the pro wrestling world?

I touched on this briefly for question 1 but outside of wrestling I don’t have much interest. This business consumes lot of my life as its my job 24/7. But I enjoy going to flea market’s on the weekends. Checking out a movie in the theater from time to time and playing sports.

What does it take to become a deathwatch wrestler?

It’s not for everyone. I usually don’t recommend it when it’s asked by aspiring wrestlers. But I’m never one to steer anyone’s dreams. But before you have any kind of hopes to partake in this genre of the business you need to find a reputable wrestling school / dojo with experienced trainers so you can learn all the basic fundamentals and all the in’s and out’s of the industry to become a successful performer and worker in the business overall.

You have competed and won a numerous amount of deathmatch tournaments. Whether it was winning King Of The Deathmatch in IWA Mid-South not once, but twice back to back (2014, 2015), CZW’s Tournament Of Death 14 (2015), IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 9 (2013), or IWA East Coast’s Masters Of Pain (2012). Are there any interesting stories from those experiences?

A physical toll they all have taken on me as far as experience and looking back on the numerous tourney’s I’ve competed in. The biggest reflection on those is the opportunities these promotions and promoters gave me. I’m always very humble and extremely appreciative of all accomplishments I have had in wrestling especially with these death match tournament wins.

Let’s go way back in the day. EZW “Extreme Zone Wrestling” A backyard wrestling federation that you started in 2002. What was that experience like?Let’s go way back in the day. EZW “Extreme Zone Wrestling” A backyard wrestling federation that you started in 2002. What was that experience like?

I was just young kid who had a dream I was to young to train yet and learn the ropes. Like most kids and teens I ventured into the world of backyard wrestling with friends and family members. It was a lot of fun and certainly beneficial in someway in preparing myself for when I made the transistion to become a professional.

You now run a promotion out of New Jersey called On Point Wrestling along with Jeffrey Kane. How did that get started? What made you want to get back into promoting shows?

I’ve always wanted to be a promoter aside from the actual performance in the ring. I enjoy the logistics and the overall process of putting together and promoting an event. I’ve been promoting events since I broke into the business in 2007 and have now been promoting OPW full time since January of 2013 along with other side ventures as well.

Bulldozer’s Collectibles. Located at the Berlin Farmer’s Market in Berlin, NJ. How is business going? What inspired you to open up your own little spot to sell collectables & merchandise? Do you bring items to shows as well?


I grew up in the market itself as my brother in law has had a business their for over 20yrs. It was local to me and I spent a lot of my youth there hanging out etc. When I was 17 was the first time I ever thought that one day I’d like to open a wrestling related business. January 2016 I did just that opening the store and venturing in the retail side of the wrestling business selling action figures, T-shirts etc. Just something I always wanted to do. We are open 4 days a week, its a base of operations and office for all my other ventures. I’m there as much as possible, when I’m not my wife runs the store. While I’m on the road too Ill take merchandise to shows as a vendor and sell collectibles so on and so forth.

I am expecting most pro wrestlers have their own bucket list for the business. Do you have one Matt? If so, what is on it? What are some things that you would like to accomplish in the pro wrestling business?

In my 10 years in the industry now I have accomplished pretty much everything I have ever wanted to do personally and professionally in and outside the ring that’s related to the business it self. Going to Japan and possible working a televised match for TNA etc are one of my few last hopes in the sport.

Well Matt, that’s it! Thank you. It was great having you as my first guest on my Quick Hit Interview series. I would definitely not mind doing it again! If there is anything you would like to promote, an upcoming show, your social media accounts.. ANYTHING! Now would be the perfect time.

I appreciate you taking the time out to do this with me. Thank you for the platform to help me tell my story in another way. I appreciate all the fan support since day one, without the fans and their support I would have not been able to accomplish what I have been able to do thus far. Any and all information on myself , upcoming events etc can be found at Matt-Tremont.com. Follow myself on Twitter @TremontCZW – for free matches, proms and other exclusive content subscribe to my YouTube page at www.youtube.com/TremontCZW. Instagram @TremontCZW and be sure to like “Bulldozer’s Collectibles” on Facebook at Facebook.com/BulldozersCollectibles. Checkout my video production company Double Stomp Video and checkout On Point Wrestling ( Bi-Monthly Live events) in Williamstown,NJ – OPWrestling.com

Lastly, I would like to thank Matt Tremont again for taking part in this interview, as well as being the first person I got the chance to interview. It was great having him on here, as well as hearing about his experiences in the wrestling world. Comment below with your thoughts!