Roman Reigns Thoughts

Roman Reigns, Lose One and Keep The Other

Roman Reigns Thoughts

Hey Yo! What’s good, everybody, It’s The Wrestling Takeover here with another opinion piece for DiscussPW and it’s all about my thoughts on Roman Reigns.

This article will be about my true feelings on his run as WWE Champion and why he needs to drop that championship sooner rather than later. With no fault of his own as it’s WWE’s fault. The WWE has protected Roman Reigns and has put every single opponent in front of him and he’s knocked all of them down. It is time to now think about how to get The WWE Championship off of him and if things go according to plan, he might be losing both championships. But I won’t be discussing The Universal Championship because to me; he should keep that championship. The reason is that he’s had it for so long, and losing it out of nowhere won’t feel special.

I say that, to say Roman Reigns has held The Universal Championship for a very long time now. Right now, the discussion should be a championship he just recently won at WrestleMania 38, and that’s The WWE Championship. I do see that reign coming to an end…

”WWE Never Had a Plan”

The WWE put The WWE Championship on Roman Reigns because they ”want to make him the greatest of all time.” Sorry WWE, you’ve failed him as WWE Championship, and his current reign as WWE Champion hasn’t lived up to the hype that his Universal Championship reign first had. The WWE has built up Roman Reigns as an attraction, which I like. Because when he appears, it’s special, and when he defends a championship, it’s special. The thing is, he’s missing Pay-Per-Views which isn’t a good look as The WWE Champion/Universal Champion. The generation of fans wants instant gratification, they want to see their champion on the show weekly, and so do I. Especially when you are building toward a Pay-Per-View. The WWE never thought long-term when they gave Roman Reigns The WWE Championship. Their goal was set on ”how can we make Roman Reigns the greatest of all time”? They lost sight of the mission statement, which should have been to build up Roman Reigns as a dominating force which is eventually taken down by a top babyface challenger.

”Is SummerSlam The Place He Drops The WWE Championship”?

SummerSlam is around the corner, on July 30th, on a Saturday. The scheduled main event is Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for The WWE Championship. Please keep that in mind, NOT for The Universal Championship. Is it possible that WWE goes back to the well once again and gifts Brock Lesnar The WWE Championship? Yes. I don’t see that happen. The WWE is always wanting to end any Pay-Per-View off with a bang. I see that happening on Saturday night. Austin Theory is currently holding Money In The Bank, and people are freaking out because they fear that Austin Theory will be successful and win The WWE Championship. I warn everybody that it doesn’t matter if he cashes in at SummerSlam or somewhere down the line. He will be successful and eventually win a championship in WWE. It’s possible Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar and is down and out. Then that’s where Austin Theory sneaks in and cashes in. The bell rings, and we get Austin Theory vs. Roman Reigns. We could see Roman Reigns battle back in a good back-and-forth match to retain and defeat Austin Theory ultimately. That’s another possibility. Will that happen? I don’t know. Or Austin Theory comes in and cashes in as Roman Reigns is down and unaware and successfully cashes in. It’s happening; Austin Theory will be the new WWE Champion at either SummerSlam or another event.

“Then when does Roman Reigns lose The WWE Championship And To Who”?

I know MANY FANS are tired of Roman Reigns as an Undisputed World Champion and want him to drop both championships soon. Other fans wish Roman Reigns to continue his dominant reign as WWE Champion, which is fine. The problem, among others, is that his reign as WWE Champion hasn’t been exciting. He hasn’t competed against big names, and I wish he just held one championship and left The WWE Championship to Raw. If that were the case, fans wouldn’t be so upset and annoyed. Austin Theory is the guy I see him losing to, as I talked about in my previous article when writing about Austin Theory. It’s clear that WWE loves Austin Theory, and he will be the youngest World Champion in WWE history, so people need to prepare emotionally. It will be Austin Theory who takes that WWE Championship off of Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar and reigns supreme at the end of SummerSlam. After that loss, Roman Reigns will turn his attention to the rumored ”Drew McIntyre and Clash At The Castle” Pay-Per-View in September. We will see how things play out, but it looks like Roman Reigns will be dropping both championships within a span of two months.


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