Saraya on stage in AEW nicking given by cody rhodes glampire

Saraya Reveals How Cody Rhodes Coined ‘Glampire’ as Her Brand During ‘Tribute to the Troops’ Event

Saraya reveals how Cody Rhodes coined the term “Glampire” that has now become her brand. In an appearance on Z100’s “Superstar Crossover,” the former NXT Women’s Champion and current AEW star shared the story behind her moniker. During a “Tribute to the Troops” event, Rhodes, who was then performing as Stardust, pointed out a girl who resembled Saraya but had a gothic style. He said, “She kind of looks like you, but you’re a more glamorous version. Like a glampire!” Saraya loved the term and has since used it to brand her fashion, makeup, and blogging ventures. Despite being an offhand comment, “glampire” has become a significant part of Saraya’s identity, thanks to Rhodes.

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