Slammiversary 2022 Preview

As Impact Wrestling Celebrates its 20th Anniversary, Let’s Preview the Slammiversary 2022 Pay-Per-View

While Impact celebrates this impressive milestone, I can’t help but to ponder what this 20th Anniversary for Impact Wrestling means. If you’re truly a pro wrestling fan, then you already know why it’s important. Slammiversary 2022 represents all of the past of the company. The humble beginnings as TNA launched. The multiple times that the promotion almost went out of business over the years. All of the ups and downs have led up to this point.

My own TNA/Impact fandom over the years has been quite a journey. I first found TNA on the Fox Sports channel while I was flipping through the guide. At some point in 2006, I was hooked as a weekly viewer for about 15 years. While I’m not currently following the product as closely as I have in the past, I still care about Impact Wrestling surviving. I have spent lots of money over that time on pay-per-views, merch, live event tickets, travel costs and more. I have written many TNA columns and spoke with fellow Impact fans on multiple forums and social media outlets.

My TNA/Impact fan experience isn’t necessarily unique but I have gotten to see some things and experience some stuff that others may have not. At the end of the day, we are all wrestling fans and we want nothing but the best for Impact Wrestling in the future. Here’s to another 20 years for Impact and hoping that this pay-per-view is a big success.

Slammiversary 2022 Card (so far):

World Championship Match: Josh Alexander Vs Eric Young

This match isn’t getting as much buzz as it deserves. Yes, it’s kind of predictable with Josh probably getting a deserving long run as World Champ. Josh Alexander would be a World Champion in any pro wrestling company. He’s that good. His opponent in this fight, Eric Young, is a worthy heel challenger (and former World Champion) but I will pick Alexander as the winner here.

Queen of the Mountain Match (KnockOuts Championship): Purrazzo Vs Green Vs Steelz Vs Grace Vs Yim

The rules of the King (Or Queen) of the Mountain Match have always been a little bit confusing or at the very least, executed poorly at times. The match is a part of TNA/Impact history but I personally haven’t missed this particular contest much at all. The five women in this bout should put on quite a show while solidifying the KnockOuts Division as the best women’s wrestling in the entire industry. I’m going to pick the returning Mia Yim for the upset victory.

Ultimate X Match (X-Division Championship): Austin Vs King Vs Bailey Vs Miguel Vs Zayne Vs Evans

Another traditional TNA original match here. It’s usually a show stealer and this edition should be no different. Some crazy risks and insane bumps are sure to be included. High-flying and intensity and innovation will be on full display. I’m a big fan of Ace Austin and I see no reason why he would lose here. He has future World Champion written all over him.

Tag Team Championship Match: Briscoes Vs Good Brothers

The Briscoes have fit nicely into Impact’s tag team division. They have given the tag team scene a nice little boost with their reputation as one of the best duos in the world. I was a little surprised that they won the belts so easily and quickly but I don’t disagree with the booking on that necessarily. This pick seems very easy as the Briscoes should retain here.

Monster’s Ball: Moose Vs Sami Callihan

Abyss is the originator of Monster’s Ball and he was as TNA as TNA could get. Having been a big Abyss fan, I appreciate that they continue to have Monster’s Ball matches and that one was included on this important show. Moose seems like he should dominate Sami here, but something tells me that a returning Callihan needs a big win like this. How hardcore and violent will it get? There will be blood for sure and probably some disturbing antics also.

Happy TNA and Impact Anniversary!

There are more matches on the card and there will probably be some surprises and late additions to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to update this preview due to some personal obligations.

In closing, even though some things have changed over the last couple of decades, we’re all Impact Wrestling fans. I don’t care about past fan drama or anything else like that. Let’s all just be wrestling fans. Happy 20th, Impact Wrestling!

Feel free to join in on our Impact Wrestling Discussion before, during or after the Pay-Per-View anytime. Also, you’re welcome to give your predictions below or on the linked discussion post.