Solo Sikoa Should Be The One

Solo Sikoa Should Be The One!

Solo Sikoa Should Be The One

Hey everyone, what’s good? It’s Jordan Turner; you’re host of ”The Wrestling Takeover” Show. I hope you all have enjoyed my articles through the first half 2023. I have a good one on tap for you all today, where it has to do with, of course ”The Bloodline.” The ”Bloodline” faction has been incredible from an emotional, story-driven, and psychological standpoint. So many twists and turns, and it keeps getting better every week. I have seen some legendary storylines that I will never forget, and I will name a few. The ”YES Movement” storyline features Bryan Danielson, Kane versus The Undertaker, brother versus brother storyline, The Summer Of Punk, and Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon. ”The Bloodline” will be on that list whether people like it or not when it’s all said and done. The question I often see in The Internet Wrestling Community is who will be the man who defeats (C) Roman Reigns and become the new Undisputed Universal Champion? There’s only one person I feel makes the most sense and should be considered to defeat Roman Reigns, and where it should be taken place. I will explain my reasons. LET’S GET THIS ARTICLE STARTED, UCE!

Chapter 1 – It Wasn’t Cody Rhodes

WWE failed at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angles, where Cody Rhodes had everything to defeat Roman Reigns and end his story. By this time, WWE had Roman Reigns go through everybody. And fans were beginning to ask who’s going to be the man to defeat Roman Reigns? On several occasions, WWE had plenty of candidates like Drew McIntyre, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins. None of them got the job done. Suddenly, we see Cody Rhodes return to WWE, and everyone assumes that WWE has found the guy to defeat Roman Reigns. That wasn’t meant to be. The ”rumor” going around is that WWE once did Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns 2 at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA. And… Yeah no. We need to go in a whole new different direction. He, who is Cody Rhodes, has lost all of his momentum since losing at WrestleMania 39, in my opinion.

Chapter 2 – It’s Gotta Be Someone Within The Family

Fans think that Roman Reigns needs to drop it to Cody Rhodes. And I don’t agree with that anymore, especially with what we’ve seen go on in ”The Bloodline” since WrestleMania 39. To me, the reign needs to end in the family. And when I say that, I don’t want people to go out and say, ”Jey Uso needs to be the one to defeat Roman Reigns and end his reign as Undisputed Universal Champion.” No. Because guess what? Jey Uso’s story was about him proving to Roman Reigns that he could beat him in the middle of that ring. And guess what? He did just that at ”Money In The Bank.” But now Jey Uso wants the top prize, The Undisputed Universal Championship, which he will not get! The WWE has a massive opportunity to create something special. On Friday Night SmackDown, Solo Sikoa recently picked up the red relic necklace and held it; the fans suddenly started to chant ”put it on.” Roman Reigns then looked concerned and reached out his hand towards Solo Sikoa to say ”give me my relic” which Solo Sikoa obliged, but he looked down at it for a second or two before handing it over to Roman Reigns. It’s now Solo Sikoa’s story to tell, not Cody Rhodes! Roman Reigns sort of fears Solo Sikoa and you see that on WWE TV, which can be a kink in Roman Reigns Armer. The thing is, Roman Reigns will do something, or something will happen to Solo Sikoa to where Roman Reigns get mad and does something or verbally says something. This, in turn, pisses off Solo Sikoa, and he starts attacking Roman Reigns, but that shouldn’t happen that way. Solo Sikoa should be the man to defeat Roman Reigns and officially become the new ”Tribal Chief,” and Paul Heyman turns on Roman Reigns. All of this happens at WrestleMania.

Let me know what you all think of Solo Sikoa being the one to defeat Roman Reigns. Should it be Solo Sikoa? If not him, then who? Cody Rhodes? Talk to me. Let’s start this conversation. Thanks for reading, and this was Jordan Turner bringing you guys another great article on DiscussPW. Duces! Subscribe and stay connected with me everyone on social media with one easy click down below!


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