Stars on Mars July 10 2023 on FOX | “Resupply Mission” New Episode

Stars on mars tonight fox 2023

Monday (July 10, 2023) the hit FOX show “Stars on Mars” returns with an all-new episode

The July 10 episode of Stars on Mars airs at 8PM ET on Fox. You can watch previous episodes on Hulu and

Stars on Mars “Resupply Mission”

Incoming message from Mission Control: four new celebronauts are about to land on Mars, but their supply craft has gone off course and crashed in the Martian desert. To make matters worse, it’s split in half, causing two nuclear canisters to break free. If the seven remaining crewmates don’t act quickly, the radiation will destroy their much-needed supplies and spread to the habitat, putting the mission in grave danger. The stars rescue their four new celebronauts.

Adventurous celebrities prepare for take-off to the red planet, where they live, eat, sleep, strategize and bond with each other in the same space station.

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