Stars on Mars July 17 2023 on FOX | “Leaks in the Hab”

Stars on mars tonight fox 2023

Monday (July 17, 2023) the hit FOX show “Stars on Mars” returns with an all-new episode

The July 17 episode of Stars on Mars tonight airs at 9PM ET on Fox. You can watch previous episodes on Hulu and

Stars on Mars “Leaks in the Hab”

Four new celebronauts have landed on Mars amidst a micro-meteorite shower. The meteors have punctured the walls of the hab creating a large number of tiny holes causing the oxygen levels inside the hab to plummet. The 11 celebronauts will need to work together to plug the holes until the hab can be fixed. This mission tests the contestant’s endurance and will earn them another mission patch.

Adventurous celebrities prepare for take-off to the red planet, where they live, eat, sleep, strategize and bond with each other in the same space station.

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