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“Tamron Hall Show” Week Of April 29 2024 Guests and Preview

Tamron Hall Show

The “Tamron Hall Show” airs weekdays on ABC. From the deeply moving to the purely fun, “Tamron Hall Show” is a daily destination for all things topical and a platform for viewers to connect with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations. As a new mom, a newlywed, and a survivor who is proving you can accomplish anything at any age, Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable, unpredictable, and unstoppable voice to television.

Monday, April 29: Making of an Icon: EXCLUSIVE, FIRST-EVER reunion of the “New York Undercover” cast! MALIK YOBA, LUNA LAUREN VELEZ and MICHAEL DELORENZO make a big announcement on the iconic series’ 30th anniversary! Then, iconic jewelry designer ALEXIS BITTAR discusses his journey of leaving his business at its peak to have children and the decision that led him to repurchase the innovative brand. And, fashion icon and actress PATRICIA BLACK joins the conversation as the star of the brand’s Webby Award-winning content series, “Bittarverse,” and Tamron gives a first look at her upcoming appearance in the series!

Tuesday, April 30: Help! I Suck at First Dates!: Dating coach and host of the “Do The Work” podcast, SABRINA ZOHAR, on how to do the work when it comes to dating. Comedians and co-creators of YouTube’s “UpDating,” HARRISON FORMAN and BRANDON BERMAN, bring two singles together for a live, blindfolded meet cute! Plus, reality fan favorites LOREN and ALEXEI BROVARNIK discuss the new season of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” And, R&B artist JADE NOVAH performs her new single, “Lost In You.” Plus, an all-new Shop Tam Fam!

Wednesday, May 1: It’s all about the Rizz!: Charismatic creator JOHN LEGUIZAMO discusses his new thriller series, “The Green Veil.” Then, comedian and author MICHAELA CHUNG shows introverts how to master the art of quiet magnetism and become “The Irresistible Introvert.” And, dynamic father-son duo BILLY BLANKS SR. and BILLY BLANKS JR. show Tamron some moves from their fitness platform, KIBU.

Thursday, May 2: Finding Tamron’s Roots: Genealogist KATY BODENHORN BARNES shares her findings about Tamron’s family history. Plus, other captivating stories of people who are tracing their roots. We unite a father with his son for the first time after going 50 years without knowing he existed! And an interior decorator on how she turned antiquing into reuniting families with long-lost heirlooms.

Friday, May 3: Today, we take a look inside the most debated group of kids on the planet … meet Generation Alpha. From the controversy of kid beauty influencers to technology overload, we dig into the topics affecting parents of the world’s youngest generation.

Listings are subject to change.

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