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“Tamron Hall Show” Week Of September 4 2023 New Season

The “Tamron Hall Show” airs weekdays on ABC. From the deeply moving to the purely fun, “Tamron Hall Show” is a daily destination for all things topical and a platform for viewers to connect with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations. As a new mom, a newlywed, and a survivor who is proving you can accomplish anything at any age, Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable, unpredictable, and unstoppable voice to television.

  • Monday, Sept. 4: Tamron Hall Show (OAD: 6/7/23) It’s Time for The Tam Fam Yearbook! Starting with Most Likely to Change the World, TAYE DIGGS and NICCO ANNAN. Then, Most Changed reality star-turned-real estate agent KENDRA WILKINSON stops by to discuss the new season of “Kendra Sells Hollywood.” The Tam Fam meets a Philadelphia assistant principal who went viral for his heartwarming connections with his students. Plus, Tamron welcomes the senior Prom Queen who went viral for designing and making her own stunning dress! And Best Couple goes to a pair trending on TikTok, sharing their story of proposing at the same time! Plus, a look inside Tamron’s own high school yearbook!
  • Tuesday, Sept. 5: Season 5 Premiere: Let’s Be Free!: Season five kicks off in a BIG way with a performance from GRAMMY® Award-winning artist MACY GRAY, featuring rapper MAINO! Then, incredible updates from the Tam Fam’s most memorable guests, including reunited mother and daughter LISA WRIGHT and LYNNE MOODY. World Record holder GRANDMA JOY and her grandson BRAD RYAN on how they did with their goal of visiting all 63 U.S. national parks! Plus, best friends of seven years and now a couple, LIZ HILLIARD and LEE KENNELLY. Then, inspiring single mother MAYLN TEAH returns with seven of nine children and a remarkable update for the Tam Fam.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 6: Hot Summer Headlines: Tamron talks about all the hottest summer headlines from Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Barbie! A member of the Beyhive shares how Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album and tour have changed her life. And, entrepreneur JAMIE TOMPKINS on how the Swifties have taken her small business of bracelets to the next level. Then, how the “Barbie” movie craze became a wake-up call for women around the world! Plus, LINDSEY DONNELLY, who went viral on TikTok with over 20 million views after her husband accused her of doing “nothing around the house” and went on a cleaning strike! Then, the Tam Fam meets an inspiring teenager; while his friends ding dong ditched neighbors’ doorbells, he left a message of positivity!
  • Thursday, Sept. 7: The Summer of Skinny? A deep dive into the game-changing new class of drugs that help with weight loss and how they are changing the conversation about body image. Tamron welcomes a panel of women and men who get candid about their journeys. Plus, DR. ROCIO SALAS-WHALEN, an endocrinologist and obesity expert, joins the conversation on the pros and cons of medically treating obesity.
  • Friday, Sept. 8: The Battle with Burnout: BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE – An interview with Emmy® Award-winning journalist ALICIA QUARLES. For the first time, she opens up about her mental health crisis and journey to recovery and how the birth of her twins saved her life. Later, Alicia’s best friend joins the conversation, along with her psychotherapist, MIRIAM BARNES, on their continued support and work for a healthy future. Plus, award-winning author JENNIFER MOSS on her new book, “The Burnout Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Stress and How We Can Fix It.” Tamron Hall Show

Listings are subject to change.

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