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The Challenge: USA August 20 2023 on CBS “Double Crossed and Sideswiped” New Episode

the challenge usa tonight 2023
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Sunday (August 20, 2022) the hit CBS series “The Challenge: USA” returns with an all-new episode

The August 20 episode of The Challenge: USA airs at 9PM ET on CBS. You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and

The Challenge: USA “Double Crossed and Sideswiped”

The challengers compete in a difficult swimming challenge, and the CBS reality titans officially declare war against the veterans prompting a vet to turn on one of their own in an act of self-preservation.

Reality titans from the CBS universe will compete in the most unpredictable and demanding game of their lives. With an ever-changing game, players will be in a constant state of paranoia, unable to trust anyone but themselves. The CBS all-stars from SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER, THE AMAZING RACE and LOVE ISLAND will compete on THE CHALLENGE: USA this summer on the CBS Television Network for a chance to join the upcoming THE CHALLENGE: GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP, streaming on Paramount+.

Hosted by T.J. Lavin

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