The Game Show Show Tonight on ABC May 30 2023 “Sex, Love or Money?” New Episode

the game show show tonight

The ABC hit game show series “The Game Show Show” returns tonight with an all-new episode on Tuesday, May 30

The May 30 episode of “The Game Show Show” airs tonight at 10PM ET on ABC. You can watch episodes the next day at, on-demand and Hulu. The Game Show Show new tonight? YES

The Game Show Show Tonight “Sex, Love or Money?”

The finale examines how love and dating game shows give viewers a safe space to be a voyeur and “play at love” while exploring America’s ever-shifting social landscape.

A four-part series that celebrates one of the most beloved and durable television genres of our time from ABC News Studios. Spin the wheel, beat the clock, guess the answer and play along through 80 years of game show history! Reflecting on the changing face of America, the series explores the contestants, hosts, visionary creators, and industry scandals that encapsulate iconic game shows. 

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