The Wall June 26 2023 On NBC “David and Chris” New Episode

The Wall Tonight

NBC game show series “The Wall” airs Monday (June 26, 2023) with an all-new episode

an”The Wall” airs at 9:00 PM EST on NBC tonight, this is the June 26 edition. If you would like to watch previous episodes, you can do so on and Peacock TV. Is The Wall new tonight? NO, listed as season 5 episode 7

The Wall “David and Chris”

Capitol Police Officer David and godbrother Chris from Washington, D.C. face the wall and the pressure to leave triumphant.

Everyday people battle a variety of trivia questions and a 40-foot wall for a chance to win millions of dollars. Each pair of deserving contestants, from siblings to spouses to best friends, has a plan to use the life-changing winnings for good things. But defeating the wall is no easy feat. Executive producer LeBron James’ game is a true test of both knowledge and poise. With momentary changes between fortune and failure, the outcome is as unpredictable as the bounce of the ball.

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