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Check out upcoming guests and more on this week’s (September 4, 2023) all-new episodes of the “NBC TODAY” show

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Check out this week’s “NBC TODAY” show guests and listings below.

Monday, September 4

(7-9 a.m.) Back to School TODAY: Healthy Meals College Kids Can Make for Less. Start TODAY: Fall Sports Prep with Dr. Jordan Metzl. TODAY Goes Greek: Greek Food Celebrating My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 with John Fraser.

(9-10 a.m.) Dads Got This!: Father Son College Track Coaches. Generation Next: Jenna Andrews. I Heart Mom: Mother Daughter Elevating the Pretzel World with Steller Snacks. Motivational Monday: Boston Free Advice Guy George Viall. Try This TODAY: Puppy Yoga. Labor Day Cooking: Flank Steak with Chimichurri with Jet Tila.

(10-11 a.m.) Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt on Ted Lasso.  Founders of Parfait Tailored Hair. Penny’s Flight. Luvvie Ajayi Jones on Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess. Entrepreneur Emma Grede.

Tuesday, September 5

(7-9 a.m.) TODAY Exclusive: Back to School: School Bus Safety. Read With Jenna September Book Announce. Amazon Customer Loved with Chassie Post. TODAY Table: 10-Minute Meal Prep with Kevin Curry.

(9-10 a.m.) Consumer Confidential: Digital and Real Coupons with the Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer. Catching Up with Kevin Bacon. Start TODAY Core Questions. What to Watch with Chris Witherspoon. TODAY Table: 10-Minute Meal Prep with Kevin Curry.

(10-11 a.m.) TODAY’s Talk: Hoda & Jenna’s Trippin’. Kevin Bacon on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and Sean Evans on Hot Ones. Girls Basketball: Grow Your Game.

Wednesday, September 6

(7-9 a.m.) NBC TODAY Exclusive: Princess Diana’s Enduring Legacy and Exclusive First Look at Princess Diana’s Black Sheep Sweater on Sale at Sotheby’s. Find My Friends App: Good for Safety or Bad and Too Intrusive, Savannah Sellers Looks at the Debate. TODAY Food: Easy Weeknight Dinner Lucky Beef with Lara Lee.

(9-10 a.m.) TODAY’s Checklist: Steps to Building Lasting Habits with Dr. Sue Varma. She Made It: Birdies. Carlos and Alexa Penavega on Love Is the Point. What to Read with Jessica Knoll. TODAY Food with Vanessa Rissetto.

(10-11 a.m.) The Scoop with Justin Sylvester. Catching Up with Christopher Meloni. Relationship Court with Devyn Simone. Tailgating Trends with Meredith Sinclair.

Thursday, September 7

(7-9 a.m.) NBC TODAY Exclusive: Hoda Sits Down with Simone Biles. TODAY Exclusive: Naomi Campbell. Peter Alexander and Laura Jarrett Set to Anchor Saturday TODAY. TODAY Goes Greek: Hoda Marries Couple Who Got Engaged on TODAY Valentine’s Day. TODAY Food Loves Football with Tobias Dorzon: Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants.

(9-10 a.m.) Kicking it with Kornacki: NFL Kickoff. Impact Thursday: Janji Athletic Gear Company Raising Awareness for Clean Water. Love Your Mornings with Ally Love. Life Lessons: Jay Shetty. TODAY All Day: Game Day Essentials.

(10-11 a.m.) TODAY’s Talk: Social Dilemmas. The Mental Load: The Invisible Work of Home, Family and More. TODAY Food with Alex Guarnaschelli. Shea McGee on The Art of Home.

Friday, September 8

(7-9 a.m.) TODAY Consumer Exclusive: Uber Announces New App for Parents to Track Kids Uber Use. Citi Concert Series: Olivia Rodrigo.

(9-10 a.m.) Generation Next: Curious Cardinals. Catching Up with Debbie Allen. Superfood Friday: Hacks. Citi Concert Series: Olivia Rodrigo. Hello to Saturday TODAY’s Peter and Laura.

(10-11 a.m.) Knock, Knock Surprise. Hoda & Jenna Get an Etiquette Lesson at Tiffany’s. Summer to Fall Fashion with Adrienne Bailon–Houghton. Gut Check: Power Foods. Fall Watchlist with Kay Angrum.

Listings are subject to change.

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