TNA: Dawn Of An Era 2009 Diary



Back in 2009 I think TNA was on the verge of doing big things and then Hogan came in to ruin that. So, i’m going to be posting the short lived diary I had utilizing that era of talent. And hopefully you all will enjoy the classic flavor and see the direction I was going into.

TNA Impact June 4th, 2009 Episode:Mafia Divided

The fireworks start to go off in the Impact Zone as the fans are off their feet awaiting the action on tonight’s stacked card. The cameras pan down by Don West & Mike Tenay who look ready to broadcast the action.

Don West: What an Impact we have for tonight and it kicks off with Rob Terry taking on Amazing Red.

Mike Tenay: Yeah Don Rob Terry debuts against The Amazing Red and that match is now !!!

Rob Terry vs. Amazing Red

Rob Terry takes it to the Amazing Red in the early goings of this match up. Amazing Red battles back and hit’s a spring board DDT onto Rob Terry. Amazing Red then goes up high thinking cross body but Terry just throws him across the ring. Rob Terry waits for Amazing Red to get up and his face meets his boot. Rob Terry with a pump handle slam attempt but The Amazing Red counters with a neck breaker. Rob Terry is woozy as the Amazing Red runs toward Rob Terry and goes for a flying forearm but Rob Terry knocks him down with force. Amazing Red is down and barely moving and Rob Terry goes for the cover as Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams look on. He was playing possum and a roll up one…two.. No !!!! Rob Terry tries to bend Amazing Red with a back breaker but he doesn’t and he throws Red down with ease. Rob Terry taunts the crowd to boos and when he turns Amazing Red dropkicks him out the ring. The Amazing Red suicide dives Rob Terry and the crowd is pumped up. Amazing Red is met with a brief case shot by Doug Williams and referee Andrew Thomas calls for the bell. Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus then help Rob Terry to the back as the fans boo loudly chanting USA !!! When The British Invasion are backstage they exchange looks with Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi .

Backstage Daffney is talking with Lauren about her match with Tara.

Lauren: After your little run in with Taylor Wilde. Mick Foley has put you in a Knockout Title contendership match.

Daffney: Well Foley has a good head on his shoulders and tonight the voices tell me to destroy Tara.

Lauren: What voices?! What does that have to do with you decimating Taylor Wilde.

Daffney: Lauren…Crazy people do things sometimes and we don’t know why we do it !!! We just do !!! And tonight Tara will get what they want me to give to her. And that’s Pain !!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Daffney walks away as Lauren looks on meanwhile Mick Foley is talking with JB in his office.

Mick Foley: You see JB there is so much going on around here that I need back up !

JB: What do you mean you’re  Mick Foley you don’t need back up .

Foley laughs at JB’s statement.

Mick Foley: Jeff Jarrett is a mad man after what happened last week he’s pissed and I have to protect myself!

Sally Boy & Big Rocco walk in on screen and JB looks shocked.

JB: Mick what’s Sally Boy & Rocco here for aren’t they fired by The Main Event Mafia .

Mick Foley just smiles.

Commercial Break !!!

Mike Tenay : Mick Foley is looking for protection Don and he has just gotten Sally Boy & Rocco to meet him in his office.

Don West: After what happened to Jarrett last week and the mood he’s in who would blame him.

Tara vs. Daffney for Knockout title contention

Tara with a handful of rights raining down on Daffney and she’s not letting up . Daffney monkey flips Tara in the center of the ring. Tara gets up and gets a dropkick in the face area. Daffney then puts Tara in a chin lock before reversing and punching Daffney in the gut. Tara takes Daffney up and widow’s peak no !!! Daffney gets out and swinging neck breaker onto Tara. Daffney goes up and diving elbow onto Tara’s sternum. Daffney then puts a knee into Tara’s ribs and grabs her arm and leg and starts wrenching back until referee Earl Hebner counts to four. Daffney looks pissed and picks up Tara for the Lobotomy but Tara counters and a bulldog right off the canvas. Tara then goes for the cover but gets a two count as Daffney starts to bite her on her forehead like a mad woman. Tara with a knee to Daffney’s jaw and then she elbows her in the forehead before picking her up and dropping her with a scoop slam. Tara then picks Daffney up one more time and goes for a power slam but Daffney knees Tara in the back. Daffney grabs Tara as she turns around and The Lobotomy connects !!! Taylor Wilde runs down to the ring and gets on the ring apron and her and Daffney exchange words. Taylor Wilde spits in the face of Daffney and she’s livid as she turns around into a Widow’s Peak !!! A pin One.. Two.. Three !!! Tara leaves the ring as Daffney grabs Taylor Wilde and beats her down as Raven and Dr. Stevie walk to the ring. Raven has a kendo stick and pokes a fallen Taylor Wilde as Lauren runs down and starts cradling Taylor Wilde.

Raven grabs a microphone and starts to speak.

Raven: TNA is about to witness my Gathering arise from the ashes. Despite my human cancer destroying those around Abyss and Lauren’s circle. I want that TNA World Heavyweight Championship and tonight I will take out those Main Event geezers to get it. And Abyss he’s not even 100% to face Jesse Neal so it looks like the fans miss out on seeing him in action again. Dr. Stevie gave Abyss a prescription he needed to get fulfilled and Abyss it got fulfilled. “Quote The Raven Nevermore” .

Abyss’ theme hits as he runs to the ring and starts pummeling Raven with right hands until Daffney low blows him and then Dr. Stevie cracks the kendo stick over Abyss’ skull. Raven grabs Abyss by the head as Dr. Stevie pours out thumbtacks on the canvas. And then Raven hits the Raven Effect DDT onto Abyss head first into the thumb tacks !!!

Mike Tenay: Good Lord look at what just transpired in that ring and what happened to poor Abyss !!!

Don West: Abyss needed to be taken down a peg and don’t forget he provoked Raven.

Mike Tenay: That’s a load of crap Don he was getting revenge on Raven from last week.

Don West: Well Abyss wasn’t 100% and it looks like he can’t face Jesse Neal tonight either.

Backstage Kip James goes into Mick Foley’s office as Sally Boy & Big Rocco are standing guard in front of Foley’s office door. Kip James looks at Foley and begins a plead for a job.

Kip James: You know times are hard and I need a job Mick ! We go way back and I would love to work here on Impact. I’ll do anything Mick anything!

Mick Foley: Look Kip money is tight around here and let’s say I’ll give you the Rookie salary rate but I’ll give you Jesse Neal tonight !!!

Kip has a huge grin across his face.

Kip James: Good Mick I’ll do it and Jesse Neal tonight you are going to get taken to school and I’m just Kipping it Real !!!

Kip James leaves out of Mick’s office as Kevin Nash & Jenna Morasca walk in and Nash sits down on the recliner chair.

Kevin Nash: Mick I have Samoa Joe up next in a Lockdown Rules Match are you crazy?!

Foley laughs.

Mick Foley: It’s like this Nash it’s for entertainment and it pleases the fans.

Kevin Nash: The hell with the fans I do this to get paid. And I want more money .

Foley looks at Nash not really having a great big grin anymore.

Mick Foley: Okay I’ll give you three times what Sting makes here in TNA.

Kevin Nash looks at Foley and runs his hand through his hair.

Kevin Nash: No! I want Four Times what he makes and that’s a deal .

Foley nods as Kevin Nash & Jenna leaves.

JB: Hold it Mick you just told Kip money is tight around here and you are giving Nash four times what Sting makes.

Mick Foley: You see money is tight it’s tight for Kip !!!

Foley starts laughing and JB joins in too.

Commercial Break !!!

Don West: Well here comes Kevin Nash to the ring as he has been given a raise to face Joe here tonight.

Mike Tenay: Well it’s no secret that Nash loves money more than pleasing the fans.

Samoa Joe comes out and appears to be talking to some one outside the door.

Mike Tenay: Joe must of been talking to the advisor of his Nation Of Violence .

Don West: I wonder who it is Mike who would advise this fat crazy tub of lard !!!

Mike Tenay: I wouldn’t be talking about Joe being a tub of lard Don have you stepped on a scale lately.

KOTM Qualifier Lockdown Rules : Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash 

Samoa Joe with knees to Kevin Nash’s stomach and then he clotheslines him down. Samoa Joe then stomps onto Kevin Nash’s staph infectious elbow. Joe prepares to jump on it but Nash moves out the way Boots Joe in the face. Kevin Nash taunts by raising his hands and then he takes a crutch off the top of the Cage and bashes it into Joe’s skull. Nash then starts to beat the crutch over Joe’s back and then starts to choke him with it. Joe flips Nash over his head and then tackles him down. Joe grabs a trash can lid and bashes it into Nash’s head until ;he starts to bleed. Nash is bleeding and Joe wipes Nash’s blood on his chest and he throws him into the steel and starts to grate his head his head onto it. Nash then elbows Joe in the chin and then cross bodies Joe into a cover but only gets a Two Count !!! Joe then rolls out of it and suplexes Nash into the cage and he is in pain. Joe then puts Nash on to the turnbuckle and he goes to do a Muscle Buster but then Nash punches Joe in the jaw and then he flying shoulders Joe. Nash grabs a steel chair out of the top of the cage and smashes it over Joe’s back and shoulder blades. Nash then goes to slam it into his skull but then Joe kicks Nash in his gut and gets up and hullo tines Nash’s throat over the chair. Samoa Joe grabs Nash and locks in the Coquina Clutch and Nash passes out. Samoa Joe is declared the winner as the Six Sides of Steel raises.

Mick Foley is shown in his office and he looks pissed.

Foley: Well congratulations Joe next week won’t be so easy as you’ll face Scott Steiner first in a first blood match if he makes you bleed you lose he bleeds you’ll face Booker T. If Booker makes you bleed the Main Event Mafia wins if you make him bleed you’ll win it’s Simple. And Joe have a nice day !!! Bang Bang !!!

Backstage Shane Douglas is being interviewed by Lauren.

Lauren: Last Week you attacked Daniels what is the reason for that?

Shane Douglas: I wanted a second chance here in TNA Daniels got his chance !

Lauren: Well you could of just asked TNA management to take you back .

Shane Douglas stared at Lauren.

Shane Douglas: I made TNA without me this place would have been nothing so if you’ll excuse me The Franchise needs to take out AJ Styles.

Shane Douglas heads to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Shane Douglas

AJ Styles with a huge pele kick no ! Shane Douglas catches his foot and tosses him to the canvas. Shane Douglas with an arm twist to AJ Styles making Styles scream in pain. AJ Styles rolls out and trips up Shane Douglas. AJ Styles goes up on the top turnbuckle Shane Douglas raises up and gets a flying fist into his temple. AJ Styles with an elbow into Shane Douglas’ sternum. Shane Douglas is on the mat as AJ Styles picks him up and goes for a chop but Shane grabs his hand and Side Suplexes him down hard. AJ Styles is holding his lower back in pain . Shane Douglas with a huge elbow to the back of AJ Styles . Shane Douglas with a torture rack onto AJ Styles and wrenching back. AJ Styles is screaming in pain and then he elbows Shane Douglas in the side of his head. AJ Styles gets out and hits a dropkick onto Shane Douglas and then snap suplexes him into the center of the ring. AJ Styles with a standing shooting star press onto Shane Douglas . AJ Styles with a cover One.. Two.. Thr no !!! Shane Douglas breaks out of it and then knees AJ Styles in the shin and attempts the franchiser but AJ Styles Irish whips him into Referee Rudy Charles. Rudy Charles is down and Shane Douglas whips out his chain and it’s around his fist AJ Styles tries to grab him but Douglas with a huge right into AJ Styles jaw. Rudy Charles counts as Shane Douglas covers AJ Styles for a One.. Two.. Three !!! Shane Douglas starts to whip AJ Styles with the metal chain until Daniels comes down with a steel chair and Shane Douglas gets the hell out of dodge. Daniels checks on AJ Styles as he looks on to Shane Douglas screaming at him from the crowd.

Commercial Break !!!

Mike Tenay: Well Shane Douglas has just made Daniels even madder.

Don West: Yeah Daniels wants to take out Shane Douglas so bad !!!

Jeff Jarrett comes to ring looking calm even though Eric Young took him out last week.

Jeff Jarrett: Last Week was a misunderstanding well I’m here to bring out my good friend Eric Young.

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett still calls Eric Young his friend even though he attacked him last week.

Don West: Some friend Eric Young is?!

Eric Young comes to the ring and he looks pissed .

Eric Young: Jeff I used to look up to you but then you started to make me sick! You were like the father I’ve never had but then you blew it in my face. You never pushed me in TNA! You never gave me my shot you always over shadowed me I’m going to take my place in TNA whether you like it or not. And you can go home and tell your three little daughters how their brother Eric Young kicked your ass and you can pray to your wife and ask her to forgive you for being a crappy friend, wrestler & husband!

Jeff Jarrett then starts to punch Eric young in the face as TNA Security and Referees try to break it up. Earl Hebner is holding Jarrett back and Bam! Jarrett just knocked out Earl with a right hand and goes to attack Eric Young.

Mike Tenay: Whoa ! Earl Hebner got in the way and he got creamed by TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett.

Don West: Mick Foley was right Jeff Jarrett is a loose cannon.

JB is backstage talking to Rhino & Jesse Neal.

JB: Jesse Neal you face Kip James in a KOTM Qualifier Next ! How do you feel ?!

Jesse Neal: I feel great it’s my debut and tonight I’m going to do this for you Mark WOOOOOO !!!

Rhino nods his head,

Rhino: Yeah JB I’ve trained this kid and he’s going to Slammiversary with a GORE…GORE…GORE !!!

Rhino pats Jesse Neal on his back and they walk off to the ring.

KOTM Qualifier: Petty Officer Jesse Neal vs. Kip James 

Kip James wasting no time by attacking Jesse Neal. Rhino looks on as Kip looks to finish him off with The One & Only but Jesse Neal counters and school boy pins Kip One… Two kick out !!! Kip James with a spine buster onto Jesse Neal. Jesse Neal squirms around in pain and then Kip James raises him up mouthing you see that Mick to the camera ! Kip James with a knee to Jesse Neal’s gut and then he bounces him off the ropes and a back body drop. Kip James then begins to stomp on Jesse Neal as Kip James yells he’s nothing but then Jesse Neal tackles him down. Jesse Neal with an array of punches into the temple of Kip James. Kip James flips him off and then a huge elbow to the chest of Jesse Neal. Kip James bounces Jesse Neal off the ropes tilt a whirl back breaker connects !!! Kip James then picks up Jesse Neal and goes for the Fame Asser but then Jesse Neal pushes Kip James away and hit’s a GORE !!! A pin by Jesse Neal onto Kip James one…two…three !!! Jesse Neal is going to Slammiversary he gets a hug from Rhino and they head up the ramp.

Commercial Break !!!

Mike Tenay: Well now Jesse Neal is in the KOTM match.

Don West: Tell me Mike how can a rookie hold a candle to the Talent that’s in this match up .

Mike Tenay: Oh shut up Don he’s a fine athlete who can possibly be your New TNA World Champ after June 21st.

JB is backstage with Sting.

JB: Sting up next you will face two fellow allies of The Main Event Mafia .

Sting: You know JB it’s no secret that I can’t stand Kurt Angle and his controlling behavior and JB tonight will be nothing more than a match. A match between two fellow allies and some cancerous punk called RAVEN !!! I don’t care who I’ll face I’m going to the KOTM match at Slammiversary and you can put your money on that. It’s Showtime Folks !!!!

Sting walks to the ring carrying his signature black baseball bat.

Mike Tenay: Well Sting doesn’t care about allies all he wants to do is go to Slammiversary competing for that TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Don West: Of course the richest prize of TNA is rightfully his he doesn’t care who he has to face to get it.

KOTM Qualifier: Raven vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Booker T

Sting with a huge scoop slam onto Booker T and here’s Kurt Angle with an Olympic Slam onto Raven . Angle tries to pin Raven but Sting stomps onto Kurt and then Kurt gets up and pushes Sting. Sting with an array of punches knocks Kurt to the outside then Sting baseball slide kicks Kurt. Sting then starts punching Kurt Angle to the back area as Booker T measures Raven as he gets up. Booker T is thinking Axe Kick but he misses and Raven kicks Booker in the gut a Raven Effect no! Booker counters and a Bookend !!! Booker goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Referee Slick Johnson gets distracted by Sharmell and Booker gets a Steel Chair and he goes to hit Raven when all of a sudden Daffney comes out and pushes Sharmell off the apron. Slick Johnson is still looking at Sharmell and Daffney and Booker is distracted Raven kicks Booker T in the gut and hits a Raven Effect DDT onto the steel chair !!! Raven covers Booker T as Slick Johnson goes to call the pin One…Two…Three !!! Raven gets escorted to the back by Daffney as he is laughing like a mad man .

Backstage Sting is still beating up Kurt Angle until Angle tosses him into a production crate. Angle then applies the ankle lock onto Sting until Kevin Nash crushes a steel pipe out of nowhere over Kurt’s back. Then Scott Steiner with a steel chair levels Kevin Nash and he spits on him . Sting then low blows Steiner and gets up with his face paint messed up and starts screaming at Kurt Angle.

Sting: Kurt as the Godfather of The Main Event Mafia it’s officially disbanded at Slammiversary it’s going to be me & Kevin Nash vs. You & your little boy toy Booker T hell if Scott doesn’t win tonight he can come to and don’t worry we’ll find a third guy!

Sting helps up Kevin Nash then they and Jenna Morasca walk off as Steiner and Kurt are down on the concrete.

Tara is going to leave when Angelina Love hit her in the head with a trash can lid. Then Velvet Sky grabs Tara by the hair and tosses her into a wall. Madison Rayne smiles and quickly knees a sitting up Tara in the face her head bumping the wall behind her.

Angelina Love: Stupid Bimbo you’ll rue the day you messed with The Beautiful People. Velvet!!! Madison !!! Don the make over bag !!!

Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne put the paper bag over Tara’s head giving her a makeover before her tossing her down back on the cold concrete floor.

Commercial Break !!!

Mike Tenay: Don’t know what to say The Beautiful People destroyed Tara and The Main Event Mafia have just disbanded.

Don West: But do you recall Sting & Nash’s Wolf Pac days think of who their third man might be if it escalates that high we’re talking DDP, Scott Hall and the list goes on.

Mike Tenay: Yeah it does Don well here’s our Main Event of the night Homicide vs. Scott Steiner in a KOTM Qualifier.


David Penzer: Introducing first from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at 205lbs representing LAX Homicide !


Homicide goes to the ring as the crowd seems to be pumped up when he does.

David Penzer: And his opponent from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 275lbs Scott Steiner !

Scott Steiner walks to the ring head dress and all to boos as soon as he gets in the ring Homicide punches him in the mouth.

Main Event KOTM Qualifier : Homicide vs. Scott Steiner 

Scott Steiner is dazed after that right hand by Homicide. Homicide with a arm drag to Steiner and then a huge dropkick into Steiner’s jaw. Steiner shakes it off and spine busters Homicide down . Steiner then applies a headlock onto Homicide trying to choke him out in the early goings of this match up but Homicide elbows Steiner’s gut. Homicide with a hurricanrana to Steiner into the center of the ring. Homicide then goes up high and looks for a diving leg drop but Steiner moves and then boots Homicide in the jaw. Scott Steiner then sets Homicide up on the top rope and the Steiner Screwdriver (Vertical Suplex Piledriver) off the top rope!!! Homicide writhes around in pain as Scott Steiner looks to end this match up here and locks in the Steiner Recliner but Homicide with an elbow to Steiner’s jaw. Homicide springboards off the ropes and his a reverse DDT and Steiner is dazed. Homicide then grabs Steiner by the neck & Gringo Cutter connects and Steiner is out of it. Homicide goes for the pin and a two count as Scott Steiner tosses Homicide across the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas makes sure Homicide is alright but Scott Steiner throws him out the way. Andrew Thomas trips of his own foot and is down Scott Steiner with a huge spike power bomb onto Homicide.


Scott Steiner goes to outside and grabs from under the ring a lead pipe he goes back in the ring to hit a rising Homicide in the gut but Homicide with a spinning heel kick. Homicide then picks up the lead pipe and cracks it over Steiner’s skull busting him wide open. Homicide then wipes the blood on his chest after he removes his shirt. Homicide then tries to utilize the pipe one more time before Andrew Thomas wakes up by bouncing off the ropes and he connects a pipe shot into Steiner’s sternum and Steiner is down. Homicide then wakes up Andrew Thomas and goes for a pin One…Two…Thr No !!! Scott Steiner just kicked out and Steiner with a huge right hand over Homicide’s jaw and spit flies out his mouth as he drops on the canvas. Steiner then lifts up Homicide and puts him in a torture rack as Andrew Thomas sees Homicide fading and lifts up his arm once it drops and then the second time it does also he goes for a third one but Homicide wakes up. Homicide gets free and then Steiner goes for a Steiner-Line (lariat) but Homicide ducks and then springboards off the ropes he’s behind Scott Steiner and a reverse neck breaker. Homicide then uses all of his strength and picks up Scott Steiner and it connects the Gringo Killa !!! Homicide covers Scott Steiner and he gets the 1…2…3 !!! Homicide gets a standing ovation and then goes into the crowd and celebrates with fellow Puerto Rican fans waving the Puerto Rican flag chanting LAX !!!

On the screen we Jeff Jarrett backstage sitting in a chair with his hands over his mouth then he looks up and tears are in his eyes.

Jeff Jarrett: Eric Young you blinded me with rage and I knocked out my friend and employee Earl Hebner . So now I’m giving up my KOTM spot and it will be on the line next week. Eric you said I was like a father to you well come Slammiversary son I’m going to give you an ass whipping !

The Fans start to cheer.

Mike Tenay: Well it’s Jeff Jarrett vs. Eric Young at Slammiversary and the final KOTM spot is now vacant and on the line next week !

Don West : Oh Mike I can’t wait !