Two Tough Decisions To Make Come January 27, 2024

Two Tough Decisions To Make Come January 27, 2024

Two Tough Decisions To Make Come January 27, 2024

How are you all doing? I’m Jordan Turner, and I am back for another fun and compelling column on DiscussPW. I hope everyone understands this article, that it is just my opinion, and I know plans can change. And the many potential names that I will bring up might not be popular with people. Oh well, here we go.

Women’s Royal Rumble Potential Winner – Jade Cargill

Now, I know many people will say ”Jade Cargill winning The 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble is predictable.” It might be, but you have to think that she might not even be the person who wins when it’s all said and done. I need people to be wide open and understand that anyone can win, and if you look at the way she has been handled by Creative thus far, she may win on January 27, 2024. Will it be predictable? To some, yeah. I think Jade Cargill winning is a better choice than others. With the news coming out that Women’s champion, IYO Sky will be defending her title in Saudi Arabia next Saturday against Bianca Belair. There are some within the space that believe that she will be dropping her title to Bianca Belair via the inference from Bayley. With that, Bianca Belair will defend her championship against Jade Cargill at WrestleMania 40. If Jade Cargill does win The 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble, she will either face Bianca Belair or Charlotte Flair. Is the rocket pack too soon for Jade Cargill? No. Because WWE needs to start creating new stars as soon as possible. Jade Cargill is a potential candidate to win.

Women’s Royal Rumble Potential Winner – Charlotte Flair

Now listen, I don’t want this either okay. My job is to throw out all the possibilities as we inch closer to January. Charlotte Flair can win The Royal Rumble and challenge for a Women’s Title. WWE has gotten to a point where they struggle to come up with a story for Charlotte Flair without a World Title. Or competing for one… The WWE will have a tough time to come up with matches for the women to represent come 2024 at WrestleMania 40. WWE can have Bianca Belair defeat IYO Sky next Saturday in Saudi Arabia, to then have Charlotte Flair go and win The 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble. Is it the best booking decision? No. But, you need marquee match-ups, and Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair is a marquee match-up. Rather you all like it or not. It is possible Charlotte Flair wins The Royal Rumble for a second time.

Men’s Royal Rumble Potential Winner – Gunther

When I look at the landscape of The Men’s Royal Rumble match. I see one man who deserves this honor, and his name is Gunther. It is possible that Gunther and Cody Rhodes start off one and two in the match


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