Weakest Link Tonight December 13 2023 On NBC “The Twins Edition” Preview

Weakest Link tonight 2023

NBC game show series Weakest Link tonight Tuesday (December 13, 2023) returns with a repeat episode

We are pleased to offer a preview of of Weakest Link tonight. This particular episode, entitled “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas” has been graciously provided by NBC. The scheduled broadcast time is set for 10 pm EST on December 13. It is important to note that it is a rerun from season 3, specifically episode 11. If you have an interest in catching up on prior episodes, you’ll find them readily available for streaming on both Peacock TV and NBC.com. It’s worth mentioning that this episode is not a new addition to Weakest Link; rather, it’s a replay of a previously aired installment. Feel free to check out the preview for this re-broadcast below.

Weakest Link Tonight “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas”

A Santa, Elf and Dickens caroler, along with five other holiday helpers, try to make it a very merry holiday season by winning a huge cash prize.

Jane Lynch hosts as eight contestants work as a team to bank the maximum amount of prize money across multiple rounds by answering rapid-fire trivia questions, with each successive correct answer increasing the amount of potential winnings, and each incorrect answer breaking the chain and forcing the contestants to start over with the lowest amount of money. At the end of each round, players vote for the person whom they consider to be the weakest link, and the contestant with the most votes leaves the game as Jane delivers the famous catchphrase: “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

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