“Who Do You Believe?” New Tonight June 14 2022 on ABC | “Legacy & Lies”

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Who Do you Believe? tonight
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Tuesday (June 14, 2022) the hit ABC series “Who Do You Believe?” returns tonight with another all-new episode

Tonight, the June 14 episode of “Who Do You Believe?” airs at 10PM ET on ABC. You can watch previous episodes on Hulu and ABC.com.

Who Do You Believe? Tonight “Legacy & Lies”

The Spirit Hunters travel to Prairie du Rocher, IL, where an aggressive ghost is attacking the owner of a local bed and breakfast. The team discovers the tortured spirit of a young mother may be responsible for the activity.

The innovative, new series features simultaneous storytelling to take viewers through compelling true-crime cases from dual perspectives. In each episode, the audience steps into the shoes of two contrasting narratives to hear the recounts directly from the victims and criminals with never-before-revealed details. Then the viewer plays armchair detective to deduce and piece together different versions of the truth. There are two sides to every story – and there’s no telling how far one would go for their marriage, child or way of life. Within this unique storytelling format, every episode culminates by revealing key details from the adjudicated cases leaving you to question: “Who Do You Believe?”

The series was created by Alexi Hawley

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