women on death row tonight

Women on Death Row September 1 2023 on A&E “Sandi Nieves” New

women on death row  tonight

Friday (September 1, 2023) the hit A&E series “Women on Death Row ” returns with an all-new episode

The September 1 episode of Women on Death Row airs at 10PM ET on A&E. You can watch previous episodes at AETV.com. Check out more information about the episode below.

Women on Death Row “Sandi Nieves”

In 1998, a fire in Sandi Nieves’ home that started suspiciously led to her arson conviction, the murders of her four daughters, and the attempted murder of her son David, who survived the fire.

“Women on Death Row” tells the stories of America’s most rarefied criminals: women who have been convicted of murder and sentenced to the ultimate punishment—the death penalty. Each episode profiles a harrowing crime and trial through exclusive interviews with the convicted women, witnesses, family members of victims, family members of the convicted women, attorneys, and law enforcement officials. The series also covers the appeals process, including resentencing in some cases, and looks at how new legislation in some states impacts the conditions under which the convicted women live in prison as they await their fate.

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