Wrestlemania 39 Rock Roman

WrestleMania 39 In LA. What Goes Down?

Wrestlemania 39 Rock Roman

Hello everybody! I’m back with another opinion piece for DiscussPW. Today’s article concerns WrestleMania 39. We’re getting close to the new year, and I have always thought that around November and December, WWE should start writing out WrestleMania plans in pencil. Then once January comes around, the plans for WrestleMania will have to be written out in pen, which will make whatever goals they have the plans that you are moving forward with. Let’s start with some possible matches that I think will take place in Sofi Stadium in 2023 if all goes according to plan.

  • WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship TLC Match. (C) The Usos vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. My reason – Sami Zayn will eventually be thrown out of The Bloodline, and when that happens, he will become a top face in the company. That’s when Kevin Owens comes in because he sees everything that has transpired. Kevin Owens will tell Sami Zayn ”I told you.” Then that’s where Sami Zayn will understand where he’s coming from.
  • Randy Orton vs. Matt Riddle. My reason – It’s been rumored that WWE originally wanted to do Matt Riddle versus Randy Orton sometime this summer, but Randy Orton then got injured. And since then, Matt Riddle has been directionless and is being portrayed as a comedy character. He’s still using The RKO and other Randy Orton moves. I would have Randy Orton return at The Royal Rumble and eliminate Matt Riddle, which ends up being the blueprint for that rivalry heading into WrestleMania.
  • WWE RAW Women’s Championship. (C) Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley. My reason – WWE on Monday Night Raw teased us when we saw Bianca Belair backstage and then saw Rhea Ripley as well. Both ladies stared each other down, and Bianca Belair said ”see you soon.” That wasn’t done by accident, it was done by design. The first chance for it to happen is at The Royal Rumble, and I pray it doesn’t take place. I wanna see Rhea Ripley win The Women’s Royal Rumble, but I don’t see that happening. That will most likely go to Becky Lynch. If that’s the case, I would have Rhe Ripley win the Women’s Elimination Chamber. Both ladies have a memorable moment at The 2021 Royal Rumble. Rhea Ripley wins, and a new star is created.
  • WWE United States Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match. (C) Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes 4. My reason is that I believe WWE will book Roman Reigns and The Rock in the main event. This means, what happens with Cody Rhodes? He got taken out by Seth Rollins on Raw following his win at Hell In A Cell. That’s the best option for both men, in my opinion.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship. (C) Gunther vs. Sheamus 2. My reason – Honestly, I was torn between Gunther vs. Brock Lesnar and Gunther vs. Sheamus 2, but I decided to go with what makes sense storyline-wise, and that’s Gunther facing Sheamus. They have to revisit this, and the best destination is WrestleMania. Gunther has brought importance to that IC Title. Both men had perhaps the best WWE match this year at ‘Clash At The Castle’ in the United Kingdom. Round two? I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.
  • John Cena vs. Austin Theory. My reason – The story writes itself. We saw a backstage segment between the two, plus Austin Theory has been labeled as the ”second coming of John Cena.”
  • WWE Undisputed World Championship. (C) Roman Reigns vs. The Rock. My reason – I mean… Y’all know why this is happening if it turns out to be the case. Who’s really ”The Head Of The Table.” They have a rich history, and this story will be told brilliantly.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship. (C) Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch. My reason – The story makes sense, and it’s been rumored that this is the plan moving forward toward WrestleMania. If that’s the case, Becky Lynch, I see winning the Women’s Royal Rumble again.

Now. The other matches are just scenarios and ideas that I’ve been thinking about, maybe it happens, maybe not. Here are other possible matches I’d like to see.

  1. Sasha Banks vs. Trish Stratus
  2. Men’s Money In The Bank
  3. Women’s Money In The Bank
  4. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar

I hope you all enjoy this article. Thanks for reading, and I will see you all soon. Check out my podcast, The Wrestling Takeover. Subscribe & Share!