WWE, Don't Rush Austin Theory

WWE, Don’t Rush Austin Theory

WWE, Don't Rush Austin Theory

Hey, what’s happening everybody. It’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan T. I am back with another opinion piece, and today’s article concerns Austin Theory, who is 24 years old. He recently won The Men’s Money In The Bank, and not a lot of people were happy about it, and that’s understandable. Did I enjoy him winning? Yes. Because I’m a fan of Austin Theory, and the future is bright for him in WWE. Following Money In The Bank, the fans in Las Vegas didn’t like the decision because fans are already seeing the ”forced push agenda” with Austin Theory. Be sure to subscribe and listen to The Wrestling Takeover on all platforms. Follow me on Twitter and on Instagram.


Dave Meltzer once reported that Vince McMahon sees Austin Theory as the next ”John Cena”. He said, “Listen, let me tell you one thing is abundantly clear, whether you see it or not, most of you don’t, Vince sees this guy as a John Cena, this Austin Theory, and there’s a reason why he’s grooming him, and he’s always there in his segments. That’s what he sees in this guy.” And the rest is history, do. Do I see Austin Theory as the next John Cena? Yes. Not only does Vince McMahon see Austin Theory as the next John Cena, but many fans see Austin Theory as the next John Cena.


Money In The Bank scared me following the main event. It scares me because the fans realize that WWE is putting the rocket pack on Austin Theory; we all see it. Now, WWE made that mistake with Roman Reigns, and for years. And from the looks of things, it seems like Vince McMahon is taking the same root that he took with Roman Reigns; he’s taking that with Austin Theory. The issue I have is that the blueprint Vince McMahon used with Roman Reigns by pushing him down the fans’ throats, he’ll have the same mindset for Austin Theory.


The WWE is bright with talent like Austin Theory, among others. We all see that AEW has ”pillars” in that company; the good thing is that WWE also has pillars. Austin Theory is defiantly on top of that list, and from the booking, it looks like Vince McMahon has found his next top guy that he will build the company around for the next decade. Austin Theory is 24, excellent on the microphone and great in the ring, and everything that Vince McMahon is looking for. Please don’t rush Austin Theory because many people like him, but those same people will eventually turn on him, and his booking will cause that. Can Austin Theory be the next top guy of WWE? Yes and no. Yes, from the standpoint of Vince McMahon being a fan of his, and no, because Vince McMahon can become bored and move on to somebody else.

Last thoughts. Will Vince McMahon push Austin Theory similar to John Cena? Yes. Vince McMahon, please take it slow with Austin Theory and don’t rush him. Thank you all who read my articles!


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