WWE Premium Live Events

WWE Premium Live Events Going Into 2023

WWE Premium Live Events

Hey Everyone! It’s Jordan here with another article on DiscussPW. And I decided to change things up and write about (Premium Live Events) and it needing to be changed going into the new year. This has been a hot-button topic ever since Triple H took over. Enjoy today’s newest article.

Return of Traditional (Premium Live Events)

The WWE is rumored to change the Premium Live Event calendar sometime in 2023. And we all are aware that the schedule needs to change for the better. Triple H from (reports) have gone on record to say that gimmick matches turned into pay-per-views will die in 2023. When I heard that, it was music to my ears because I’ve been wanting to see each pay-per-views be held in high regard and that hasn’t been the case for years. The WWE is in great position to bring importance back to many things, but it starts with the Premium Live Events starting in 2023 and beyond. Here’s the schedule I would introduce.

  1. The Royal Rumble (PLE)
  2. WrestleMania (PLE)
  3. King And Queen Of The Ring (PLE)
  4. SummerSlam (PLE)
  5. Survivor Series War Games (PLE)
  6. Elimination Chamber (PLE)
  7. Clash At The Castle (PLE)

(Premium Live Events) that I listed here are events that I think can work for WWE long-term. But now, we need secondary shows throughout the year. Very similar to AEW as they have themed shows that spreads out the calendar year. So I decided that the best course of action is themed shows throughout the year on Fox and USA Network. I’ve mentioned this on multiple occasions and I’m aware that things can change in a blink of an eye in professional wrestling. For Raw and SmackDown you build up these themed shows as if you are building up a premium live event on Peacock. Two for Raw and two for SmackDown. The (Premium Live Events) for WWE is something that a lot of fans want to see change. With WWE announcing that Elimintion Chamber will be taking place in Montreal Canada next year.

Will Elimination Chamber be a part of the annual (Premium Live Event) schedule? Sure seems like it. Plus, Clash of The Castle fans want that to be an annual (Premium Live Event) for WWE. I would love for that to be the case for the United Kingdom fans. I also believe WWE will add and subsute other (Premium Live Events). The WWE is consistently changing things up. I know that they don’t have a foundation in place regarding the (Premium Live Events). Will it change going into 2023? Yes. And if it is changed, will the fans like what’s in store? Only time will tell. Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.


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