wwe raw 2023

WWE RAW Results from Los Angeles, California 4/3/2023

wwe raw 2023

WWE produced an episode of RAW from Los Angeles, California on 4/3/2023 and we have results. This event took place at the Crypto.com Arena and featured Cody Rhodes vs Finn Balor

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WWE RAW Results 4/3/23

Triple H heads to the ring to start tonight’s show. After praising WrestleMania for living up to its name, he thanks every performer that has ever graced a WWE ring and put their body on the line every single week and the staff and crew that make WWE’s events possible, those behind the scenes for making the spectacle of what WWE does possible, and of course, the fans. He says that when WWE makes the news, that is all everyone wants to talk about, and says that the WWE that everyone loves and put over 160,000 to the rafters last weekend is going nowhere and they will be there week in, week out, venue after venue, because they are WWE, then, now, forever and together. Triple H then asks the fans to help him acknowledge one more person: Roman Reigns, who shows up with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Triple H shakes hands with all three men as he heads to the back and they head to the ring. After Roman demands that Hollywood acknowledge him, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes shows up. Cody says he knows what he wants to talk about and admits that today is turning out a lot differently than he and a lot of people thought it would, then acknowledges that Roman was the better competitor. Cody also states while the world is watching, he knows Roman knows Roman has skated by on many matches and that he had Roman. Cody then says that he already knows what to talk about and that it is all down to one word: rematch. Roman lets Heyman speak, and Heyman says he was thinking on behalf of Roman when exactly Cody would like this “hypothetical” rematch. Cody bluntly proclaims “Tonight.” Heyman says “No rematch, not tonight, not in Puerto Rico, not at SummerSlam, not at Survivor Series, not at Royal Rumble, not at Madison Square Garden, not at San Francisco.” As the crowd chants “Bullshit,” Heyman says this is called “calling the shots” from living on the island of relevance, but Cody says he is not in a normal mood for that after last night, and if Roman refuses to do a rematch, they can do a tag team match and at least do something. Heyman consults with Roman, then declares that he has been authorized by the Tribal Chief that his challenge is accepted, assuming that the partner – someone who wrestled this past weekend is willing to team with him – forfeits any chance at the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. After Heyman mockingly asks Cody who he wants to talk about now, Brock Lesnar shows up. Roman gently holds Solo Sikoa back before they and Heyman leave the ring.

Omos quickly beats Eliass.

Backstage, The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) meet with Paul Heyman. Heyman says that Roman Reigns has stepped outside to talk to Solo Sikoa about strategy and that Roman appreciates their contributions last weekend and that the food on the plane is ready. After The Usos leave, Paul Heyman re-enters Roman’s locker room, and he can be heard saying “I took care of it, my Tribal Chief.”

Cathy Kelley interviews Bad Bunny at the front row. Bad Bunny says he is happy to be the host of Backlash in Puerto Rico this year. He says that tonight, he is just enjoying the show as the fan, but he is grateful for everything.

Rey Mysterio heads to the ring. Rey says that this has been an emotional week after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and thanks the fans for welcoming him with open arms and making this possible, and thanks Bad Bunny for the help last night. Suddenly, Austin Theory shows up and says the both of them deserve a little respect, as they both did what they said they would do at WrestleMania after he beat a legend and Rey beat “the product of his own bad parenting.” The crowd chants “You tapped out!” as Theory says the difference is because Rey is too busy correcting the past, and says the fans tapped out because they didn’t believe in him like Dominik Mysterio did not believe in Rey. He then says that John Cena told him that the fans would eat him alive tonight, then asks the fans where it is at before saying he does not suck because he beat John Cena, which leads to a “Cena” chant. Theory says Cena is not here because he is a part-timer, then says that the fans should be cheering Rey’s name at the top of their lungs because he is just like Cena, and that he will beat him too and make him part of the collection. Rey tells Theory that all he will be collecting is his teeth after he hits him with the 619. This starts a match.

Austin Theory beats Rey Mysterio after Rey knocks an interfering Dominik Mysterio off the ring apron. After the match, Dominik hits Rey with mounted punches, then looks and points at Bad Bunny before confronting him at the front row. Dominik turns away, then Bad Bunny punches him when he goes for the cheap shot. Damian Priest then grabs Bad Bunny and throws him over the barricade, telling him he should not have gotten involved. Bad Bunny shoves Priest, then decks Dominik again before Priest lays him out. Priest then clears the announce table before choke slamming Bad Bunny, despite Corey Graves warning hm that this will cost him a lot of money. Dominik then gets in the ring and stomps Rey Mysterio before leaving with Priest. Rey then checks on Bad Bunny along with members of Bad Bunny’s entourage, and Rey has to call for paramedics.

Backstage, WWE official Adam Pearce chews out Damian Priest for striking Bad Bunny, but Priest tells him that if Bad Bunny was not really his friend, Pearce would really have a reason to be angr

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn head to the ring. As the fans chant “You deserve it,” Owens declares that they deserve the tag team titles but that the fans deserve them, too. The fans then chant for Sami, who says that it has been a crazy year for him, having gone from a match with Johnny Knoxville to becoming a tag team champion, and thanks the fans for making this possible. Sami then states that he knows that Los Angeles loves to celebrate, and Owens says that while this is pretty good, nothing says celebration like a good fight and giving his all. He also states that there are those in the locker room who want to make a name for themselves against the new tag team champions, then lays down an open challenge. The challenge is answered by The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford). Montez Ford congratulates Owens and Sami for winning the tag team titles, then Angelo Dawkins that he and Montez are also coming off a WrestleMania victory. Montez says they have put down stamp after stamp, but nobody knows their names.

The cast of Bel-Air on Peacock is seen in the crowd.
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn beat The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford).

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviews Seth “Freakin'” Rollins. Rollins says he is feeling good after hitting “The Stomp Heard ‘Round To The World” and sending Logan Paul and KSI back to the wasteland of social media, then says something about tonight is missing and realizes that the party is in the ring. Seth Rollins then heads to the ring. After the commercial break, everyone is still singing Rollins’ entrance theme as Rollins leaves.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviews Bobby Lashley. As he mentions not having a WrestleMania match, Bronson Reed shows up and says they are like uncle and nephew and that Lashley taught him how to lose, and that the student will eventually beat the teacher. As Lashley wants to fight Bronson, Bronson says that school is out tonight and that Lashley will eventually learn his lesson before leaving. Mustafa Ali then shows up and says that Lashley needs to learn how to think “positive-Ali” and not take no for an answer. Lashley comes to the conclusion that he should change his thinking and should not take no for an answer, then take someone into the ring before beating them up and make that someone Ali, which he does, much to Ali’s surprise. Lashley then throws Ali around and throws him into the ring, starting an impromptu match. The match end in seconds after Lashley makes Ali tap out to the Hurt Lock.

Backstage, Roman Reigns asks Paul Heyman if The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) are gone. Heyman says they have gone to the jet, then Roman asks Heyman if he knew that Brock Lesnar would be here. Heyman says this is usually when Lesnar takes six to nine months off, then Roman asks how this could happen. Heyman says that he had no idea that Lesnar would answer the challenge despite not getting another chance at the undisputed title, and that Lesnar has nothing to lose. Roman says he will smash Lesnar and Cody Rhodes again, then he will tag Solo Sikoa so they can see who is ready now.

Bianca Belair heads to the ring. Bianca says that she is still Raw Women’s Champion, and that he cannot be “The EST” without stepping into the ring, and that Asuka is definitely one of the best and most dangerous women she has stepped into the ring with. After thanking Asuka for pushing her to be the toughest she can be, Rhea Ripley shows up and says Bianca walks around calling herself “The EST” when she is the luckiest in WWE after she decided to challenge Charlotte Flair instead of her. She promises Bianca that they will get back to this and that she will beat her like she beat Charlotte at WrestleMania, then Bianca says Rhea made her decision for a reason and she wants to get in the ring with the best, including Rhea. Bianca tells Rhea that one day, when Rhea is ready, they will really see who is the best of the best. Rhea leaves the ring as if she is looking forward to this, then Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan show up for the next match.

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan beat Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky) to earn a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

The Miz is in the ring. Miz says he was hoping not to take on four people in three matches, especially after being surprised by Snoop Dogg, then says WrestleMania is over and that he is done with surprises. Suddenly, Matt Riddle returns for the first time in months. Suddenly, Matt Riddle returns for the first time in months. After Riddle asks the fans if everyone missed him, The Miz hits Riddle with a cheap shot and stomps him in the corner, then Riddle lays Miz out and hits him with the Bro Derek.

It is announced that Bad Bunny has been taken to a local medical facility for a separated shoulder.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interview Becky Lynch, Lita an Trish Stratus. Trish says being involved in a multi-generational face-off and beating Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky) was amazing, and Lita says that she is still on a high and that the three of them are just getting started. Becky says that after nine months of dealing with Damage CTRL, she can think of no better thing to do than elevating the women’s tag team titles and beating Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan next week.

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar ends as soon as it begins. When the match begins, Brock immediately hits Cody with two F-5s, steps on Cody’s throat, then hits him with a release German suplex before running him into the barricade. After a vertical suplex into the timekeeper’s table, Lesnar rings the ring bell before hitting Cody with a chair and throwing it into the ring. Lesnar then takes the ring steps and smacks them right into Cody, then throws them into the ring. He then hits Cody with another F-5, this time into the announce desk, and chases WWE official Adam Pearce away before getting Cody back in the ring and sending him into the ring steps with a fourth F-5. Lesnar then stands over a downed Cody on the ring steps before pretending to leave, turning around, chasing officials off, grabbing a chair and hitting and choking Cody with the chair. Lesnar then finally leaves the ring, and officials check on Cody. As paramedic bring out a stretcher, Lesnar comes back and flips off everyone in the ring to end the show.

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