AEW Dynamite results tonight

AEW Dynamite Results from Elmont, New York 4/5/2023

AEW Dynamite results tonight

AEW produced an episode of Dynamite live from Elmont, New York on 3/15/2023 and we have results. This event took place at the UBS Arena.

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AEW Dynamite Results 4/5/23

Before the next match, “Absolute” Ricky Starks is attacked from behind by “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson, and Juice is soon joined by “Switchblade” Jay White. Starks tries to fend Juice and Jay White off, but the numbers game overpowers him and Jay White hits Starks with Blade Runner.

We see a video package of Adam Cole’s return to an AEW ring.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Chris Jericho, who says he has nothing about Adam Cole, who he considers a tremendous talent as he says he is happy to see back. He also mentions how Adam Cole’s post-match celebration kept going on and on while Daniel Garcia is laid out and he had to put an end to the disrespect. Suddenly, Keith Lee shows up and says that since he has been here, Jericho has been the poster boy for disrespect, and while he will not mention how he got there, he still has respect for Adam Cole despite their history. He then challenges Jericho to a match next week where he will teach Jericho a thing or two about respect while getting up in Jericho’s face.

Before the next match, Sue drops off Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta) at the arena.

The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Budy Matthews) retain the AEW World Trios Championships against Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta).

Jamie Hayter retains the AEW Women’s World Championship against Riho.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews The Outcasts (Saraya, Toni Storm, . Ruby congratulates Jamie Hayter on her successful title defense before stating The Outcasts are here to get back some much-needed control in the women’s division, and in order to do that, they must win the AEW Women’s World Championship. Toni Storm says it is important that Hayter is not champion, then Saraya tells everyone to buy their shirt.

“Cool Hand” Angelo Parker, Jake Hager and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard are in the ring. Menard says that The Acclaimed (“Platinum” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) joining The Jericho Appreciation Society makes his nipples hard, then The Acclaimed shows up and Max Caster makes it known they are not joining during his freestyle. Angelo Parker says that it sounds like the The Acclaimed want to fight, then announces that he has gotten them a match together this week on Rampage. Menard and Parker almost scissor, but “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn says it should only be done by professionals, and he and Anthony Bowens scissor.

It is announced in the town of Oyster Bay, New York that today is “MJF Day.”

A big band orchestra plays MJF to the stage. MJF celebrates “MJF Day” live in Long Island, New York, which he calls “the most magical place in the world” where it rains pennies form heavens. He then sings “Pennies From Heaven” by Louis Prima, much to the delight of the fans. He then makes his way to the ring, where Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino declares MJF the pride of Long Island and a hometown champion before presenting MJF with the Key to Long Island. He then proclaims April 5th as “MJF Day” in the town of Oyster Bay, then tells MJF that they had the Key to Long Island remade for MJF after it was a little below his standards. Saladino leaves, and says that that this is a serious honor and that some would say he deserves it, unlike “losers” like Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, the last of whom he says will have an inbred girlfriend before mentioning his life story. MJF talks about how he grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder and how an unsympathetic teacher named Mrs. Benedict would pounce on him when his concentration lapsed every day, and on the last day of school, she asked him where his mind went during her class. MJF then said “becoming a world champion,” and Mrs. Benedict told him that the odds of that happening were “slim to none.” He then says that her math was a bit off, because he has his own day and a world championship. He then tells everyone not to be “a stupid bitch” by Mrs. Benedict, and tells all the kids in Long Island who are struggling in school that if they bust their asses, they can be anything they want to be, except him. MJF then takes the AEW World Championship and decides to tease an encore before someone claps cymbals behind him. MJF chews the cymbals player out, then the cymbals player is revealed to be Jungle Boy. Sammy Guevara then makes his way to the ring for the next match.

Sammy Guevara beats Komander. Near the end of the match, Darby Allin is seen watching the match from the rafters. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Sammy Guevara as Jungle Boy, MJF and Darby Allin watch from a distance. He says that he wrestles like a real world champion does, unlike MJF, and says that he had MJF beaten in their last encounter until Shawn Spears got involved.He says that if he, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin and MJF were pillars, MJF’s side would be built by people he tricked and manipulated on the way to the top. Sammy says he is almost jealous, and that he would hate himself if he was MJF instead of himself. He then says that MJF sold his soul to be a pillar of AEW, and as far as his side goes, he built it brick by brick and put his heart and soul into AEW. Sammy says he is not going anywhere because he loves AEW and it has given him more than he has ever asked for. He then says that he will be damned if “some rich bitch from Long Island” screws it up for some bidding war in 2024.

Hook retains the FTW Championship against “All Ego” Ethan Page after Isiah Kassidy gets on the ring apron to distract the referee so that Matt Hardy can keep Ethan Page from using the FTW Championship as a weapon before blasting Ethan Page with it. Afterwards, Hook fist bumps Matt Hardy.

We hear from Tony Khan and Nigel McGuinness (the latter of whom is now in AEW). Tony Khan announces that five years ago, before AEW’s founding, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega put on a show called “All In,” and five years later, AEW will be in London, England for the very first AEW All In. Adam Cole then shows up and announces that on August 27th, All In will be coming to Wembley Stadium, and that they will celebrate 100 years of Wembley Stadium and Warner Bros.

The Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta) quickly beat three unnamed opponents in a trios match. After the match, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson says that he was at home with his family, whom he loves as much as The Blackpool Combat Club and pro wrestling, then says their opponents look like “impotent amateurs” and that they are the only professional wrestlers in the building tonight. Suddenly, “Hangman” Adam Page heads to the ring as Danielson calls him “another amateur,” and he fights The Blackpool Combat Club only to be immediately outnumbered.Danielson screams that The Blackpool Combat Club are professionals and that he loves them while Adam Page is an amateur who does not have anyone who loves him, and that nobody will come out to save him because they do not love him and do not even know what love is. He then says that he knows what love is and that he has taught his children a few things about how to fix one’s house as he produces a screwdriver, and says that the house that is AEW needs to be “fixed up from all these amateurs.” Danielson then gauges the screwdriver into Page’s face before once again declaring him an amateur and The Blackpool Combat Club the only real professional wrestlers in the building, in AEW, and all of America.

Before the next match, The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn) come out to “Many Men (Wish Death)” by 50 Cent.

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) beat The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn) to become two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions and remain part of All Elite Wrestling. Mark Briscoe celebrates with FTR after the match

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