Triple H WWE Smackdown

Triple H to Open Smackdown this Week

Triple H WWE Smackdown
Photo Courtesy of WWE

After a tremendous Wrestlemania 39 weekend, we end up with a WWE sale the post-mania Monday. WWE ended up selling to UFC parent company Endeavor, which led to an announcement from WWE stating Triple H will open RAW. He opened the show pretty much stating things wont be changing, and for fans not to worry. This led to one of the worst raws of all time with multiple changes throughout the show (supposedly) as well as the return of Vince McMahon making changes (suppsedly).

WWE has now announced that Triple H will be addressing the WWE Universe on Smackdown this Friday. We can only speculate what this will be about but it seems it will just be another glorified promo at the begininng stating things wont be changing etc..

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