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CBS “60 Minutes” June 12 2022 | Wrongful Detainees | Headlines, Deadlines and Bottom Lines

Sunday (June 12, 2022) the hit CBS News series “60 Minutes” returns with another all-new episode

The June 12 edition of “60 Minutes” airs at 7PM ET/7PM PT on CBS. You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com.  THESE PREVIOUSLY BROADCAST SEGMENTS HAVE BEEN UPDATED FOR THIS POST-SEASON EDITION

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Wrongful Detainees

Lesley Stahl reports on Americans unjustly imprisoned abroad, held by foreign governments with whom the United States has thorny, or in some cases, no relations. Our government calls them “wrongful detainees,” and there are currently more than 40 of them. Danny Fenster, a Detroit native who had been locked away for nearly six months in Myanmar, was released last fall after efforts by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Stahl interviews Fenster, Richardson and the State Department official who is tasked with bringing Americans home.

Produced by Shari Finkelstein. Promo posted above.

Headlines, Deadlines and Bottom Lines

Jon Wertheim reports on how hedge funds and other financial firms have swallowed up newspapers, closing newsrooms and slashing staff. 60 MINUTES looks at a local news landscape where headlines and deadlines have given way to bottom lines.

Produced by Katie Brennan and Denise Schrier Cetta are the producers.

Rita Moreno

The much-honored actor Rita Moreno is still working her craft at age 90, starring in the new version of the Oscar-winning film she starred in decades ago, “West Side Story.” Bill Whitaker reports.

Produced by Michael Karzis.

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