Cody Rhodes Accomplishing His Prophecy at WrestleMania 39

Cody Rhodes Accomplishing His Prophecy at WrestleMania 39

Cody Rhodes Accomplishing His Prophecy at WrestleMania 39

It’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan Turner here with another opinion piece about my fantasy booking of Cody Rhodes and his road towards WrestleMania 39 in SoFi Stadium in 2023. This story will be an underdog story that ends happily, so stay tuned. WWE should be aware that this Cody Rhodes story can be similar in some aspects to Bryan Danielson when he won The World Title at WrestleMania 30. Will WWE pull that trigger? Who knows. Cody Rhodes recently competed inside Hell In A Cell with a torn pectoral muscle in his chest. If that doesn’t grant him a World Title reign, then Vince McMahon will be making a huge mistake. Here’s my fantasy booking of Cody Rhodes; enjoy.

Chapter 1 (MONEY IN THE BANK 2022)

WWE announced that Seth Rollins would be entering The Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match. From that announcement, Seth Rollins finds a way to win The Money In The Bank, especially since not only is Cody Rhodes not going to appear on WWE TV for some time, but Roman Reigns is currently not scheduled to appear on the show. For this story to be told in full, Seth Rollins must win the ladder match.

Chapter 2 (SUMMERSLAM 2022)

We get to SummerSlam, and WWE has a WWE Championship involving Roman Reigns (champion) versus Randy Orton, as the championship is on Monday Night Raw. The match happens, and Roman Reigns successfully retains his WWE Championship, but post-match, we hear Seth Rollins’s theme song hit. He stares at Roman Reigns and heads to the ring, giving the briefcase to the referee and proclaiming that he will be cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase, but before he tells the referee to ring the bell, he looks into the camera and says ”Cody. This is for you.” Seth Rollins is the guy to dethrone Roman Reigns and become the new WWE Champion. The fans are stunned and in disbelief, just like the commentarots. As everybody is silent for a couple of seconds before either cheering or booing. Seth Rollins then mocks Cody Rhodes and says ”your father is disappointed in you.” This was supposed to be Cody Rhodes in this spot, NOT Seth Rollins.

Chapter 3 (ROYAL RUMBLE 2022)

Seth Rollins successfully retains his WWE Championship and is heading into WrestleMania 39 as The WWE Champion. Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, is desperate to get his hands on Seth Rollins for continuously disrespecting him and mocking him. Cody Rhodes knows he can win The 2023 Royal Rumble that he demands Adam Pierce to put in number one in the match. He survives as a part of the final four. The fans are cheering for Cody Rhodes as it’s him, Austin Theory, Gunther, and Matt Riddle. Suddenly, the final two men in the match are Cody Rhodes and Gunther. The fans are clearly behind Cody Rhodes and want him to win. We see a sequence where both men are over the rope. The battle where ultimately, Cody Rhodes survives and wins The 2023 Royal Rumble. We have an announcer in the ring to hear Cody Rhodes’s immediate thoughts on winning The 2023 Royal Rumble. Cody Rhodes is emotional as the fans chant ”Cody”. Cody Rhodes cuts a real authentic promo by simply saying ”I won’t disappoint my father at WrestleMania. SETH ROLLINS… MY PROPECHY WILL BE FULFILLED AT WRESTLEMANIA. I’M GETTING THAT TITLE”!

Chapter 4 (WRESTLEMANIA 39/Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins IV)

We hear shoot promos involving both men and we hear signifianct things mentioned like Cody’s AEW failure, The Shield, Becky Lynch, and Brandi Rhodes. All leading to Friday March 28th, the final day before Night 1 of WrestleMania 39 which Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins IV is scheduled to close the show. Both men are sitting down and being interviewed by Micheal Cole. We then get to WrestleMania 39 on April 1, 2023 and the match is a singles match where the final sequence is Seth Rollins tourgeing Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes making an appearance. Seth Rollins is again attacking his healed/previously injured pectoral chest muscle while mocking Cody Rhodes. She’s telling Cody Rhodes ”don’t give up”… Seth Rollins then attempts to hit his finisher as that will be a final nail in Cody Rhodes coffien. Outta nowhere, Cody Rhodes gets up and hits Seth Rollins with a Cross Rhodes. Seth Rollins is down and Cody Rhodes ends the match by yelling ”DAD. THIS IS FOR YOU” and Curb Stomps Seth Rollins head into the mat. Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins and is not only 4-0 against him but most importantly, he’s the new WWE Champion and his prophecy is complete.

Ending night one of WrestleMania 39 with a baby face going over and the fans cheering. The booking similar to Bryan Danielson from WrestleMania 30. Enjoy the opinion piece!

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