Big Dawg’s IMPACT Wrestling Vegas Spoilers, Pics & Notes | 2/8/20 News

Big Dawg is live in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town for all 3 night’s of AXS TV Impact Wrestling tapings. We have exclusive spoilers, pics and more from night two on February 8th, 2020.

Below are Big Dawg’s Impact Wrestling Vegas spoilers & notes from night two (which is SOLD OUT) on 2/8/20. You can find his spoilers from night one and night three at the links below.

IMPACT Wrestling Spoilers from Las Vegas on February 8th, 2020-

Pre-show notes: Saw Sami Callihan earlier in the day walking by the venue. Pre-taped crowd shots with Josh and Don and fans by the commentary table. Capacity sell out crowd 30 mins into the show.

950-1k estimate

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

Floor is packed on both sides like this:

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

Taped for Xplosion-

Willie Mack def Adam Thornstowe of Reno Scum with Luster ringside Thornstowe appeared to have some kind of injury but continued on. Didn’t seem serious.

Trey def Dave Crist on Xplosion

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

IMPACT Wrestling Segment #1: Madison Rayne in-ring promo on Jordynne Grace.

Madison Rayne Vs Mazzarati…Madison wins

Segment #2: Swinger and Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno) Vs The Deaners

Deaners def Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger…ICU video interrupts the show and light controls with the word “when” appearing on big screen .

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

Segment #3: TJP and Fallah Bahh def The North in a non-title match.

Post-match promo where TJP challenges The North for the tag titles. That match happens at the tapings on Sunday night for the Tag Titles here in Vegas.

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

Segment #4: Moose def Petey Williams

Segment #5: Chris Bey def Damian Drake (this was taped for IMPACT for those asking)

Impact vegas spoilers 2/8/20

Segment #6: Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie for the World Championship

Tessa retains via pinfall

Segment #7: Madman Fulton with The Crists ringside Vs Rhino.

The Crists are ejected from ringside to the back and Rhino wins.

Crists attack post match Lights go out. Sabu appears with Super Genie Sabu beats down oVe and helps Rhino

Segment #8: Gama Singh gets old school heat with the crowd.

Shera and Rohit Vs Dez and Wentz …The Rascalz win

Segment #9: Daga def Jake Crist

Segment #10: KnockOuts Title Match Jordynne Grace is introduced Madison Rayne comes out and says Lacey Ryan is going to beat Jordynne

Jordynne Vs Lacey Ryan….Jordynne wins

Segment #11: Elgin Vs Eddie Best of Five series Match #4

2 Refs involved with a double pin ending situation and confusion with the finishing sequence and the 3 count. No winner? Another ref and then Scott D’Amore come out talking to the other refs.

Tessa comes out and says that at Rebellion she will face Elgin and Eddie at Rebellion for the World Title!!

That is an official match announcement for Rebellion!

Three way World Title: Tessa Vs Elgin Vs Eddie

End of Night Two Spoilers.

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