Big Dawg’s Full IMPACT Vegas Spoilers, Notes & Pics

Big Dawg was live in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town for all 3 night’s of AXS TV Impact Wrestling tapings. We have exclusive spoilers, pics and more from all three nights.

Below are Big Dawg’s Impact Wrestling Vegas spoilers & notes from night three on 2/9/20. You can find his spoilers from night one & two at the links below.

IMPACT Wrestling Spoilers, Pics & Notes from Las Vegas on February 9th, 2020-

Pre-show notes-

Pre-taped stuff with the crowd behind Don and Josh by the commentary table. Late arriving crowd 85-90% after an hour into the show. 800-850 or so total for attendance

Impact Begins:

Segment #1:

Willie Mack, Chris Bey, Acey Romero, Daga, Cousin Jake, Rohit, Trey, Jake Crist in a 8 man singles match. (Not sure of the stipulation) Lots of crazy spots.

Willie Mack pins Jake Deaner for the win.

Segment #2:

Ace Austin Vs Tessa Blanchard (non-title?) Taya comes down during the match and attacks Tessa and beats her down in the ring. Ace Austin just lets it happen and watches it all.

Segment #3:

Kiera Hogan Vs Lacey Ryan…Kiera wins

Segment #4:

Tag Team Championship Match TJP & Bahh Vs The North…The North retain with a pinfall victory. Great match with some ref shenanigans involved.

Segment #5:

Moose Vs The Natural Chase Stevens…Moose wins

Scott D’Amore comes out and says that he knows that Moose is unhappy with the TNA stuff since he’s Mr. Impact Wrestling. He says if Moose wants TNA to die then turn around.

Suicide attacks Moose and will be at the TNA Throwback show.

Xplosion match:

Shera Vs Suicide…Suicide wins

impact wrestling vegas spoilers

Segment #6:

Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) Vs Reno Scum…Reno Scum win

Segment #7

oVe (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) Vs Sabu and Rhino…Rhino and Sabu win

Segment #8:

2 on 1 match, Swinger and Disco Inferno Vs Willie Mack

Ace Austin comes out halfway through the match and joins Willie as his tag partner.Willie and Ace win

Segment #9:

Cancel Culture is a new group with Katie Forbes, RVD and Joey Ryan They do an in-ring promo about being cancelled and censored. Katie Forbes is in a big coat and refuses to show her body. Joey Ryan is in new, conservative clothes

RVD & Joey Ryan Vs The Deaners…Cancel Culture wins with an RVD Frogsplash

Segment #10:

Josh Mathews in-ring promo on the TNA Throwback show on April 3rd. “There’s no place like home.” Josh introduces Ken Shamrock for an in-ring interview Shamrock was introduced as the new Hall Of Fame inductee for BFG this year.

ICU video interrupts the big screen video package for Shamrock Lights all go out. Sami Callihan appears in different gear with a darker, altered look. No oVe stuff He throws a fireball at Shamrock and injures Ken’s eye Lights go out again and Sami disappears

Segment #11:

Taya & Elgin Vs Tessa and Eddie…Taya and Elgin win

End of show

Eddie does a promo off-camera to the crowd putting over Tessa

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