Showtime Revives Dexter as Limited Series

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Today it was revealed “Dexter” (from the hit Showtime series) would be making a comeback to his blood splattering ways

It will be a limited series revival of the long-running serial-killer drama. Seven years have passed since we last saw Michael C. Hall star as Dexter. Thankfully we will be seeing him back for this Showtime series.

Michael C. Hall isn’t the only one returning to the series as showrunner Clyde Phillips will be returning as well. Showtime, the premium cable network has given the series a 10 part run. With production starting in early 2021 with a premiere goal of fall 2021.

Showtime Co-President of Entertainment Gary Levine expressed the network was only willing to go for the series under certain circumstances. The story had to be “worthy” and they have finally “found it”.

Orphaned at age three, when his mother was brutally murdered with a chainsaw by drug dealers. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan (James Remar).

Recognizing the boy’s trauma and the subsequent development of his sociopathic tendencies. Harry has manipulated Dexter to channel his gruesome bloodlust into vigilantism. Killing only heinous criminals who slip through the criminal justice system.

To facilitate covering his prolific trail of homicides, Dexter gains employment as a forensic analyst. Specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis, for the Miami Metro Police Department.

Dexter is extremely cautious and circumspect; he wears gloves and uses plastic-wrapped “kill rooms”, segments the corpses, and disposes of them in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream to reduce his chances of detection.

Dexter struggles to juggle his double life. Although his homicidal tendencies are deeply unflinching, and he originally claims detachment (via narration), throughout the series he strives to feel and in some cases does feel, normal emotions and maintain his appearance as a socially responsible human being.

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