cougar stalking

Viral Video of Cougar Stalking Jogger

cougar stalking

First off, I am sorry if you are here thinking this was going to be some type of porn video about a beautiful cougar (mature female woman) stalking a young man. This has nothing to do with that!

This is more to do with a viral video that is getting attention online about an actual cougar stalking a man on his run. In the video (posted below) you can hear the man frantically trying to get the cougar away by yelling, swearing and even letting out a growl. Nothing seemed to be working and its crazy to see just how patient and slow the cougar is following the man waiting for its time to make the perfect pounce.

The cougar seemed to be protecting its babies, you can even hear the man state in the video “Go away, go get your babies”. This video goes on for a good 6 minutes with the man and cougar staying at a steady pace, at points you can even hear the cougar hissing and trying to intimidate the man by making quick jumps towards him. Eventually the cougar decides to retreat back down the trail and back to her babies and leaves the man alone and of course shaken.

cougar stalking

Its crazy to think how this could have turned into a viscous cougar attack. Thankfully the man came out of this unharmed and got it all on camera. It just reminds us all that if you are out on trails in general to keep an eye on your surroundings, you ever know what’s out there when it comes to wildlife.

Cougar stalks man for 6 minutes during run from r/WTF

What would you do in this situation? It seems the man in the video made the right decision by going slow and acting big but is there something you would have done differently? Leave your comment below!

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